'90s Looks From Rakuten's Clueless-Inspired Super Bowl 2023 Ad We'd Rock Today

"Clueless" and football may not seem to go hand in hand, but the iconic movie inspired one of this year's most noteworthy Super Bowl commercials in a big way. Almost 28 years after the 1995 blockbuster hit theaters — and infiltrated our closets — Alicia Silverstone reprised her role as Cher Horowitz in the clip, The New York Times reported. The ad was for Rakuten, an online retailer, and in the "Extended Cher Cut" version, Silverstone struts to the front of her class, shopping bags in tow.

In an obvious nod to the original movie, she then announces to the class, "I used to be pretty clueless about shopping," before proclaiming you'd "have to be butt crazy" to not shop with Rakuten. The Super Bowl ad also shows the character browsing her impressive wardrobe, crashing her car into a delivery van, and clashing with frenemy Amber. Some things never change!

Most importantly, the ad channels the "Clueless" era with '90s-inspired outfits still worth rocking today. Here are the best looks from the clip.

Matching plaid sets still look fresh after 28 years

For Rakuten's Super Bowl ad, Alicia Silverstone tapped friend and designer Christian Siriano to bring "Clueless" fashion back to life in 2023. "He was obviously the first person I thought of because when they told me they wanted to update everything, I was like, of course I have to do this with my buddy," Silverstone explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

The main outfit from the commercial is a very Cher-esque yellow plaid skirt set. Matching sets have been trending for the last few seasons, making this look just as easy to pull off today as it was in 1995. Cher's love of blazers and mini skirts can also be seen in a black and white outfit, complete with a lacy top. Additionally, the clip drew inspiration from the black beret Cher wears in the original movie, this time turning it red to match a strawberry-colored sweater vest.

For those still in their villain era, Amber's outfit is equally worth recreating. In contrast to Cher's sunny yellow style, Amber is in all black, with a tinsel-touched jacket and a '90s black choker necklace.

We're living for Cher bringing back the '90s preppy look

Cher Horowitz is going to do what Cher Horowitz does best: shop! In a scene where Cher is shown perusing store windows and carrying plenty of shopping bags. She exclaims, "Ooh, eye cream!" before cheekily remarking, "Not that I need it." 

But the real scene-stealer is Cher's preppy outfit: a houndstooth print mini-skirt paired with a blouse topped with a black bow and matching black blazer. We love how the look pulls from '90s trends while still appearing sophisticated and put-together. Alicia Silverstone proves that you don't have to be a '90s-era mall rat to rock a mini-skirt, and the fun combination of prints and accessories in her outfit encourages us to embrace our inner fashion risk-taker, even if we're not in high school anymore. It's definitely what Cher would want for us! 

Black feathers and sequins create an updated villain look

Elisa Donovan reprised her role as Amber for the Rakuten commercial in the 2023 Super Bowl, and her '90s throwback look was as scrumptious as it was in "Clueless," with a few modern twists. Fans will recall that in the original movie, Amber wore a vivacious matching black feather jacket and feather headpiece, copying Cher's fluffy pen, as Cosmo reminds. 

In this enviably styled re-make, Donovan wore a full, fluffy black jacket with silver detailing and a black and silver sequined headband. Under the jacket, she sported black pants and a white top, along with a choker that we're happy to report was virtually identical to her original costume. The choker has made a massive comeback in the last several years and it's one '90s trend that seems to have staying power. As Who What Wear notes, there are several updated versions of the classic choker, making the look both sexy and sophisticated. But somehow the fact that Amber's neck piece has remained unchanged gives it nostalgia power and we're here for it.

A red beret remains a classic

In another shot in the "Clueless" inspired Rakuten commercial, Alicia Silverstone rocks a red beret, paired with a solid red vest and a red and white striped shirt. Unfortunately, we don't get to see the rest of the outfit because in the shot, she's in the driver's seat of her white Jeep after backing into a van. The look is an updated version from the '90s classic, when Cher wore a black beret with a white top and a black pinstriped blazer; a look that InStyle dubs her "Scheming Outfit."

The updated look still has all of its former '90s allure, just with a juicer, pumped-up color palate in vibrant reds. Hey, Rihanna's halftime show at the 2023 Super Bowl showed us that monochromatic red is everything, so the coincidental pairings reveal that red looks are everything. In fact, as Who What Wear notes, Rihanna has rocked a red beret in the past, confirming not only the color choice but the hat as well. Besides, with "Emily in Paris" catching everyone's attention, why not play around with the quintessentially French headpiece? It's a classic, just like "Clueless."