The MicroGlow Is The New Trending Skin Care Tool To Sculpt Your Face

If you're anything like us, you likely can't get enough of TikTok's latest beauty trends. According to Glossy, TikTok trends have taken Google by storm. Some of the most searched-for phrases are centered around the app, like the Addison Rae lip gloss look or the passport makeup trend. It is clear that these social media influences have made an impact on viewers.

TikTok has introduced many of us to weird beauty tools we didn't know we needed. The gua sha is one of the most prominent items added to people's makeup bags thanks to the app. The product is an ancient Chinese tool used for centuries to help define cheekbones and drain lymph nodes, but TikTok helped bring the product to a whole new demographic.

Now, there's yet another new facial device that is making waves. The MicroGlow is the latest trend that TikTok recommends you invest in to bring life to your skin.

What is the MicroGlow?

If you're a fan of the gua sha skincare tool, TikTok has a new item that you will quickly want to add to your cart. The gizmo is called the MicroGlow, and TikTok influencer Erriel Lorré posted about it on her account. She wrote, "in 2023, we're upgrading our skincare tools!" with a video of herself ditching the gua sha for the MicroGlow.

The MicroGlow is a tool that uses LED lights to help tighten your skin. The product was created by the company Commodery and claims that the MicroGlow helps tighten jawline and cheeks, rids your skin of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces acne and dark spots while improving redness. It typically retails for $99.98.

TikTok user Brittani Strong also posted a video about the MicroGlow, where she shared how excited she was about it. She mentions how it gives a slight vibration to the skin and how she overall loved using it. However, reviews are mixed.

Is it worth the investment? The reviews are mixed

While some TikTok influencers are praising the MicroGlow, their followers are a bit unsure. The tool seems to work just like the gua sha, but with a much higher price tag. One follower of Erriel Lorré wrote, "Waiting for my gua sha to come in from Amazon," to which Lorré replied, "Gua sha still works, babe. This is just an upgrade if you want to get fancy!"

Others on the app noted that if you want to try the MicroGlow out for yourself without breaking the bank, Amazon offers a dupe that allegedly gives the same results for only $36.99.

Lorré, who reviewed the Commodery MicroGlow, gave her followers an update that after just a few weeks, she was seeing impressive results. "Note: YES it really works," she wrote in the comments of her original post. "My face is getting slimmer and looks a lot less puffy. I only use it about 3-4 times a week." If other users start seeing the same kinds of results, the MicroGlow is sure to be the next big face tool trend!