Before Accepting A Job Offer, Ask Yourself One Important Question

No one can prepare you for that feeling of impending doom when you realize you're working a job you hate and have the rest of your life to go. While previous generations seemingly took pride in working for one company and never changing their career, younger generations, like millennials and Gen Z, recognize the exponential growth that comes with new job offers every few years. Looking at a job simply as a learning experience to build new skills is quite different than seeing your lifelong career, but it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that.

However, there is a lot to know before making a career change. If you are changing jobs because of a lack of fulfillment, it might be a good idea to ensure that this new opportunity aligns with your goals and needs. Finding meaning in your work is important, and if you constantly feel underutilized or like you're not reaching your full potential, the frustration will build quickly.

Therefore, knowing what to ask yourself before accepting a job, and being intentional with your decision, can help you avoid unwanted circumstances.

Ask yourself, 'Will I be excited to get out of bed in the morning?'

If you have been dreading your alarm clock every morning and resenting that commute to the office, there is a good chance that you've reached the point of burnout and don't enjoy the work that you do while you're there. Understandably, it's normal to assume that changing jobs would change these negative emotions but that's not always the case.

To increase job satisfaction over a longer period, avoiding burnout is an important factor. Constantly feeling like you're running on empty will inevitably cause you to run out of gas, or quit. In order to avoid this happening again, ask about what projects you'll be taking on in this new role. Ask yourself if these sound exciting. How motivated will you be to accomplish these goals? The more excited you are about the work that you're doing, the more energized you will feel at the end of a long day, and that energy is what will keep you going.

According to the Mayo Clinic, many factors contribute to feeling mentally and physically fatigued at a job. However, losing yourself in your work and not having a clear vision of what you're working toward are leading contributors to these negative emotions. Therefore, before jumping into a new job that could be better or worse than your previous one, analyze how this new role would help you avoid burning out.

Take time to think before accepting a job

Looking at your career in the big picture is really helpful during times of change. They say when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. While those who absolutely love their jobs would likely disagree, the sentiment is valuable. Work-Life Balance explains that finding joy in the work that you do directly correlates with your chances of being wealthy. It's also important to note that loving every small detail of your job isn't the goal but finding overall excitement in the work as a whole is.

Before accepting a new job offer, really think about what it is you'll be working towards and how accomplished you'll feel when you meet those deadlines. It's much easier to stay productive and concentrate on difficult tasks when you are excited about reaching the finish line. Getting clear on the daily responsibilities of a new role before accepting a job offer will help you make the most informed decision about your career.

There may be jobs that have an amazing mission but the day-to-day grind is just not for you. Or, the mission might not be as clear but the purpose in the simple daily tasks is evident. Ultimately, knowing yourself and recognizing what will keep you motivated is key. Don't be afraid to ask questions and make sure your next job aligns with all aspects of your life.