Kelsey Grammer's Daughter Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

When it comes to bitter celeb divorces, few are more notorious than that of actor Kelsey Grammer and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer. The couple famously split in 2010 after Kelsey had an affair, and left Camille for a younger woman.

But that's no longer the big news coming out of the Grammer family, which is getting bigger and bigger as the years go by. Rather, some of the most exciting Grammer gossip concerns Mason Grammer, who's been coming into her own as of late. The young Hollywood royal is hard to miss, with her long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and slender, lithe frame.

So what's Mason doing now that she's no longer sporting a mouth full of braces? Is she going to follow in the footsteps of her uber-famous parents? Here are all of the details about the blonde bombshell, who has truly grown up to be gorgeous in more ways than one.

A surrogate start

It's pretty obvious when you look at Mason that she's her parents' biological child. She especially takes after her slim, blonde mother — though she has her father's intense blue eyes. Additionally, Kelsey called up his mother the day Mason was born to tell her that her granddaughter looks "exactly" like her, according to People. So there's no questioning the paternity.

But the Grammers had a little help bringing Mason into the world; the couple used a surrogate because of Camille's health issues. She has a form of IBS that could "present serious health risks" should she try to get pregnant herself, according to the Grammers' surrogacy agency, the Center for Surrogate Parenting. So they took Camille's eggs and Kelsey's sperm, created several embryos, and implanted them into their surrogate mother, a nurse from Sacramento named Julianna. 

Mason Olivia Grammer was born on October 24, 2001, weighing in at eight pounds and five ounces, according to People.

​She chose a talent show over dad's fourth wedding

It's not shocking in the least that Camille skipped ex-husband Kelsey's wedding to Kayte Walsh, the woman he left her for. But what is a bit surprising is that 9-year-old Mason also chose not to attend her father's fourth wedding. 

The reason? "My daughter has a talent show that day that she's been working on for two months now," Camille shared with People. But don't go thinking Camille encouraged Mason to boycott her dad's wedding. "I told her, 'Mason, you can go. Please, if you want to go to your Daddy's wedding, please do,' and she said, 'No, Mommy. I want to go to my talent show.'" Camille further emphasized that if Mason wanted to go, she absolutely could, as she wouldn't want her daughter to resent her. But the 9-year-old had other priorities.

Mason doesn't skip out on every family wedding, though. It looks like she will definitely be attending her mom's wedding to David C. Meyer. Camille told Us Weekly that Mason will be one of her maids of honor.

The Grammer kids are more mature than the parents

Mason isn't the only celeb kid with the Grammer surname. Rather, it can actually be a bit confusing to keep track of all of the Grammer kids, of which there are a total of seven at the time of publishing. Kelsey has three children with his current wife, Kayte Walsh: Faith, Kelsey, and Auden. He had two children with Camille Grammer: Mason and Jude. He also had Spencer with Doreen Alderman, and Greer with Barrie Buckner. So Mason has a lot of siblings, for sure! Thanksgiving sounds like it could get complicated.

Although there has historically been tension among some of the Grammer parents, it sounds like the kids get along okay. Notably, half-sister Greer shared that she has a good relationship with Mason, who's younger than she is. "When I see Mason, we're very close," she told Your Tango of their relationship. "I love spending time with her. She's such a cool kid." It's nice to see at least the kids can set aside any grievances and get along.

A model by age 14

Mason's beauty became more and more apparent as she came of age, growing into a tall, slender young woman. That's when a modeling career basically fell into her lap. "It wasn't something she was pursuing; it just came around that way," her mother told The LookbookThat makes it all sound so easy!

At first, Camille was a bit concerned that her young daughter was entering such a tough business. But those reservations didn't last long, thanks to Mason's level head. "She was just 14 at the time [of her first show] but my daughter's very together," she continued, adding that, "She's much more mature mentally at her age." It's super impressive that Mason started conquering the runway that young.

Mason walked for designer Malan Breton's at New York Fashion Week for the sixth time in 2017 according to The Daily Dish. Considering Mason was signed to a major modeling agency in February 2018, we're certain we'll continue to see even more of her.

She's really excited about school

Mason might be a professional model who's walked the runways of NYFW, but that's not her biggest priority right now — school is. She discussed that in an interview with Page Six: "I feel school comes first before any of this," she said, referring to her career. "I'll try to stay on top of [my schoolwork] and do the best that I can."

Not only does she prioritize her education because it's important, but also because she's super stoked about it. "I'm really about my school, actually. I'm really excited about that. ... I'm just excited about life in general," she told Bravo

In fact, her mother only let Mason walk the runway because of her stellar academic performance, according to Page Six. "She's a good girl, in school she's getting all A's right now," Camille gushed. "She's been acing every test and we want to reward her with something that she loves and I think it helps her with her self-confidence." That's a heck of a reward for some good grades.

Modeling is just for fun — she has a completely different dream career

For some people, having a solid career as a fashion model is an end goal. But for Mason, modeling isn't her primary aspiration. "It's more fun right now and we'll [see] if anything comes of it," she shared in an interview with Page Six. Additionally, Camille noted, "I don't think we have any expectations, we're just going with it," with regard to her daughter's runway career. So it's possible that modeling is just a stepping stone for Mason before she moves onto other pursuits.

Mason is also thinking about what her future might hold after high school. "I want to go to college," she told Page Six in another interview. "I want to major in film, so that's my real passion. I'm just doing [modeling] for fun," she shared. So it sounds like her plan might be to follow in her parents' footsteps, and shoot for a career in entertainment.

She wants to be like Gigi

Mason grew up in a pretty glam environment. Her mother is one of the original members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills vanguard, and her father is super famous from his Frasier days. That means that Mason likely had contact with lots of celebrities growing up. So it's not surprising that she's been impacted by the beautiful people around her. 

Of them all, she specifically cites the daughters of Camille's fellow Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid as her role models. "Gigi's just gorgeous and I do look up to her 'cause she's so pretty and she's my inspiration 'cause she's beautiful," she gushed to The Lookbook. "Same with Bella, too, they're both just gorgeous, and [I] really do look up to them," she added. Given the trajectory of her modeling career so far, Mason's all set to be just as famous as the Hadid sisters.

She took this massive step in her career

Mason has had significant developments in her modeling career as of late. In an interview with Blasting News, she revealed some exciting news. "I signed with David Todd Models Management," she shared. That's a huge step, as it shows that she's committed to modeling, at least for the near future. Mason is also stepping out and looking for new opportunities. "I've started going to interviews and casting for shows," she continued. "It's really exciting!" 

Camille seems to be nothing but supportive of her daughter's career venture. "This is something that's her own and she's passionate about it," she said. "I think it teaches independence and to push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. It's helping her prepare for the future." As for what her long game might look like, Mason's focused on savoring the moment. "I don't know what the future holds, but I'm enjoying it so much now," she mused. No question she's going places.

A total social media newbie

Although Mason has been strutting her stuff on the runway since 2016, she's still pretty young. That would explain why she's so new to social media, and doesn't have a huge online presence like other famous models do... yet.

But Mason has been using social media on a regular basis these days. Her favorite site? "Instagram. I have Snapchat too, but I use Instagram more," she revealed in an interview with Blasting News. Mason's Instagram page doesn't have a ton of posts just yet, but it's growing and gaining followers. As for content, her posts are mostly modeling pictures, though she shares some personal posts as well.

All of this is a Camille-approved venture, which is not shocking — her mother sees the value in tools like Instagram. "It's so important for her to connect with fans and other teens out there," Camille shared with Blasting News. "Social media is the perfect platform." 

She's super athletic, but all about this one sport

Mason might not be a professional athlete, but she certainly leads an active lifestyle. She's into team sports, and adores one in particular. "I'm excited about my soccer team," she revealed in an interview with The Lookbook. Mason is also into several different solo sports. 

For example, you can catch her out on the slopes; she's a fan of downhill skiing, which she mentioned in an Instagram post. "Wish I was still skiing," read the caption, accompanied by a photo of her in her ski gear. She's also into yoga, as is evidenced by another post she made on Instagram. In the photo, she's executing a gorgeous bridge pose, with one leg gracefully pointed into the air. That's some impressive flexibility, strength and balance! She's not one to miss the opportunity for a hike, too, which she's posted about several times on her Instagram page. She's one busy young woman!

This is the one thing her parents agree on

To say that Kelsey and Camille Grammer disagree on many things is an understatement. However, when it comes to Mason's modeling endeavors, they've managed to land on the same page. 

Not surprisingly, Camille is 100 percent in Mason's corner. Mason told The Lookbook, "My mom's a big supporter. I love her for that. I'm really thankful for her to be here and be support me all the time," she shared. Camille has also gushed about how proud she is of her daughter multiple times on her Instagram account.

Kelsey is also super proud of his daughter, but he wasn't always totally sure of her modeling aspirations. "My dad was a little shaky at first, but then he caught on and he's really proud of me," Mason told The Lookbook. Her father also sent her a text of support before she walked in New York Fashion Week in 2017. Mason informed The Daily Dish that in it, he said, "Knock 'em dead, kiddo. You're going to be great."