Red Wedding Dresses: 8 Stunning Examples For A Bold Walk Down The Aisle

Once upon a time, little girls would playfully make a wedding train out of a pillow case, whirling around while dreaming of their future wedding. As girls grow up into women, those who choose to get married have choices that far outnumber the pillow case inventory. The wedding industry caters to making dreams come true, after all. And recently, the red wedding dress trend has been adding a major splash of color to the otherwise neutral-hued options.

Whether a bride is looking for off-the-rack or couture, red is a viable option for someone who wants to set aside the usual white or cream scene. In fact, many cultures, such as Chinese and Indian, have long-worn red as the traditional wedding dress color. Of course, most of us associate the hue with romance and love, but beyond that, it's a symbol of luck and prosperity in many traditions, so it often takes a starring role in weddings around the world

"In Chinese culture, the color red is synonymous with happiness, fortune, and success," explains East Meets Dress founder Jenn Qiao in an interview with Carats & Cake. Qiao continued, "It makes sense that it's the most popular clothing color for brides!" So, whether you're looking to honor time-held traditions or start a new one, a red wedding dress is a beautiful departure from the usual off-white. 

Traditional symbols of joy and prosperity

Although cultural traditions sometimes change from generation to generation, many Chinese people still incorporate the custom of the bride wearing a red dress. And the traditional hanfu style gown is a many-layered, highly decorated ensemble that combines symbols of happiness and prosperity. Hanfu style wedding gowns often have intricately designed dragons woven into the red fabric and golden accents. In addition, the long, winding belts and layered top robes create a graceful, flowing silhouette.

Style a red wedding dress to show off its sweetness

Unfortunately, we didn't make the guest list for this wedding. But in our romantic little daydreams, we assume this happy couple's wedding had a special sort of ease — a delightful flow that matches their genuine belly laughs together. And the bride's red dress captures that feeling just perfectly. It's utterly feminine with its intricate lacework, and it balances that with a soft midi-style skirting. Perhaps they're sharing a laugh because her heel is stuck in the bench, but either way, their casual elegance is just dreamy.

For romance, opt for softly falling layers of red

The hue of red used here — in billowy folds of chiffon — reminds us of deeply colored poppy flowers blowing in the wind. Shanghai and Beijing Bridal Salon Monarca Couture take inspiration from the traditional culture with this design, relying on the Chinese tradition of red wedding dresses, but the plunging neckline and deeply layered skirt ensure the look also has a modern wink. In the end, the soft lines and bold colors create an iconic romantic look.

Current mood: woodland castle vibes

Plenty of kids dream about being a princess in the woods, but this gorgeous bride channeled that daydream into a real-life dramatic crimson-joy jubilee. But, of course, choosing red for an outdoor wedding makes for beautiful photography. Take, for instance, the sharp contrast between her vibrant dress and the dappled sunshine peeping through the evergreen trees behind her. If you're headed to the heart of the forest, you can't go wrong with that pop of drama.

A nod to heritage and sophistication

The photographer for this wedding, Russell Stafford Photography, said, "Rochelle wanted to honour her Chinese heritage on her wedding day by wearing a red wedding dress. Such a great idea and the contrast of the dress with the pastels of the rest of the day was incredible." Picking up on this cue, you can see that red is actually quite easy to style with other colors. It's lovely with muted pinks, champagne hues, and soft spice-inspired colors.

Cue the red for wedding day wow

One twirl in this dress would make anyone feel like they're floating on a cloud. Oh, wait. That's just the smoke coming off this fierce dress which is somehow serving up demure bride and sexy siren all at once. The dramatic neckline and delicate lace flower work along the train are stunning. But then the petal-shaped peplum waist accents and rhinestone ladder level it up again. Ultimately, this red wedding gown is an heirloom-quality dress that will stand the test of time.

It's your day -- be beautiful and bold

Red mermaid-style wedding dress? Check. Low-key sparkle? Absolutely, and 100% fire. Having checked all the boxes — and then some, meet the new Mrs. Sorto, looking fabulous on her wedding day, captured by Africa's Sweetheart Weddings. Choosing which design element we love most is almost impossible, but that crown-style headpiece with a detachable sheer train gives the look an added layer of vermilion luxury. So, say yes to the dress, especially if it's a red-hot mermaid cut.

When your dress feels like a love poem

If you're feeling a little swoony about how utterly in love this wedding couple looks, you're not alone. They went for an upscale casual look for the big day, with the groom in jeans and a jacket and the bride in a magnificent deep plum-colored tulle skirt. Her lace top and brimmed hat help tie in their location — standing in the middle of a field. The bride's flowers, which echo the color of her skirt and the groom's jacket, finish the look with a wild-yet-tender aesthetic.