Watch Out For Certain Words On Online Dating Profiles That Should Set Off Alarm Bells

Good or bad, everyone has an opinion on online dating. Either it's destroying society or it's the greatest thing ever. The fact is that it's been a positive addition to the dating scene, especially for people who find themselves too busy for traditional dating. In fact, more people than ever are finding their soulmates by swiping left or right on their phone, according to eHarmony. Still, online dating isn't a magical genie that will grant you the perfect match just by logging in (though it'd be awesome if it did). Not only do you have to work hard to craft a perfect bio to attract the right match, but you must also scour through countless profiles to see who fits your standards.

Discovering your other half among thousands of dating profiles is like wading through a sea brimming with explosive mines. It's kind of like that scene from "Finding Nemo" but imagine dodging bathroom mirror selfies and stale jokes instead of underwater mines. One wrong move and boom, you're stuck on an awkward date with someone who conveniently "forgot" their wallet at home.

Thank goodness you can avoid this nightmare scenario. One of the most important things you should do when online dating is pay close attention to each dating profile you're interested in. If their bio displays any of these red flags, you're better off ignoring them and moving on to the next one.

I'm just looking for something casual

You've probably seen it before: the lackadaisical dating profile that mentions how laidback and carefree this person is... over and over and over again. They might label themself as a "free spirit" who doesn't like to be held down. They might even go on to mention that they're not on this dating site to find a long-term or serious partner. No, they're just here for a good time, nothing serious, and want no strings attached.

If you see a bio that reads anything remotely close to this, your alarm bells should be going haywire. This is one of the classic relationship red flags to watch out for. Someone who makes a point of including "no strings attached" or "I'm just looking for something casual" on their profile isn't searching for a committed partnership. They're more than likely looking to hook up every now and then, not for someone to progressively build a life with. Unless you're here for a relationship with no clear expectations or boundaries, avoid bios that display anything remotely close to this.

I'm different from other _____

There's an entire meme based on this red flag, so if your potential match hasn't caught on and pulled this cringey phrase from their dating profile, there's no redemption arc for them, sorry.

To give you some background, in the mid to late 2000s, it was highly popular for movies to cast a lead that rejected stereotypically masculine or feminine behavior. These oh-so-quirky characters were "not like the other sex" they associated with. They were therefore placing themselves on a pedestal as a "super relatable" person who is far superior to everyone else. For a female example of this walking meme in action, steel yourself and watch "Mean Girls 2."

The problem with this trope is that it gathers everyone else into this conglomerate of stereotypes instead of recognizing them as individuals with their own interests and merit. Believing you're better than other girls or guys hints at a pessimistic personality and a rather poor opinion of your fellow sex. Tearing down your supposed competition in order to elevate yourself is just not a good look. If you see this in a bio, keep it moving.