The Fascinating Reason Your Partner Can't Keep His Hands Off Of You

Have you ever noticed that during certain times of the month, your mate can't seem to keep his hands off of you? Are there specific days when the intimacy appears more intense, with sexy time occurring more frequently than usual? Or maybe your lover is just a tad bit more doting than usual? The one thing you work so hard to conceal, your monthly cycle, might be to blame.


For centuries, women have worked overtime to hide their bodies' reproductive processes from men. Double panties, the avoidance of white bottoms, double bagging hygiene items after use, and even sleeping in separate bedrooms have been practices that many put in place to ensure their men never found out that it was their time of the month. In fact, a survey conducted by ​​Bodyform found that 29% of women who are menstruating sleep away from their partners. Even with all the effort in the world, multiple studies have proven that men are still very much aware of the menstrual cycle and find their women more attractive during ovulation.

If you catch him sniffing you, that's a good thing

During ovulation, there are several changes that take place in a woman's body. Breast tenderness, changes in cervical mucus, and increased libido are all tell-tell signs that you are at your most fertile. Another interesting ovulation indicator is the change in scent that women exude. Although women's sense of smell also increases at this time, most do not notice their odor changes, but men do and are irresistibly drawn to it. Ovulation usually occurs around the 14th day of a 28-day menstrual cycle but only lasts about 24 hours.


A study published in Behavioral Ecology Journal in July 2004 found that men are more drawn to the enhanced scent of a woman during this span. Dudes who participated in the analysis were tasked with assessing the t-shirts of women who were using birth control and those who were not using any oral contraceptives. The men agreed that the women's t-shirts that smelled the best were those who refrained from birth control and were in the middle of their cycle.

During ovulation, your voice is like music to his ears

In addition to smell, guys have reported being more enticed by a woman's voice during ovulation. David Puts, an assistant professor of anthropology at Pennsylvania State University, examined the voices of 202 women who recorded themselves during two separate times in their menstrual cycles, according to Live Science. Over 500 men were attracted to the speaking of women closest to ovulation. "We learned beyond a reasonable doubt that women's faces and voices change over the menstrual cycle, and that both men and women perceive this as changes in attractiveness," Puts said.


Puts' findings come as no surprise, as fluctuations in hormone levels cause changes in tones. Therefore, don't be surprised if the lucky guy in your life is eager to talk to you more throughout the day. Date night may even be in the cards, which you should not shy away from. Most loving partners are readily available to support you during this time. Embrace this act of love. 

Ditch the makeup — ovulation facial changes complement you just fine

Forehead kisses may take on an all-new meaning during ovulation. Puts' research also examined how men responded to the slight facial changes that women undergo during this sensitive period. Women who participated in the voice study also submitted photographs during various stages of their menstrual cycles. The faces of women mid-cycle also impressed the men.


Blood flow changes can result in red cheeks, which men tend to find more attractive. Water retention can increase puffiness in the face, something also appealing to the opposite sex. While these changes may not be drastic, a spouse who observes their partner on a daily basis is likely to notice. Fortunately, your partner's favorable reaction to this physical change might lessen the embarrassment that many women feel in menstruation.

Even if you aren't ready to start a family just yet, your lover will still value your company more than ever during the ovulation phase. Enjoy every second of it.