How To Take Care Of Your Own Cuticles Between Manicures

Manicures are an essential part of many beauty regimes. Whether gel, acrylics, or just clear polish, getting your nails done can make you feel clean and pristine. Although, your nail beds get all the love during a manicure. They are buffed, shaped, and painted — everything but worshiped. Cuticles are ignored or kissed goodbye. However, caring for your cuticles is crucial for thriving nails and hands. It is one way to keep your nails healthy in between manicures.

It is essential to love on your cuticles if you soak them in acetone or have them under a UV lamp. These are common methods for removing artificial nails and drying gel polish that has harsh effects on your nail health. Taking care of your cuticles creates longer, stronger, and healthier nails. Not only will your digits look stunning, but they will be in tip-top condition. Learn how to tend to your nail's skin with these simple steps.

Moisturization is vital for healthy cuticles

Applying cuticle oil is a simple way to keep the skin around your nails healthy. Massaging in this moisturizer can increase blood circulation and encourage nail growth. Using a cuticle oil or cuticle cream twice a day can strengthen your cuticles to stand against the environment and frequent hand washing. However, after cleaning your hands, lotioning is great aftercare. Like conditioner restores moisture that shampoo can strip out, lotion reinstates hydration you lose from cleansing. Your nails need those lubricants just as much as your palms.

To keep your cuticles in good shape, avoid drying them out. When tasked with chores, wrap it up. Wear gloves while you do the dishes, wash your car, or bathe your furry friend. This protection will prevent the natural oils from washing away and over-hydrating your nails until they become weak. And you're going to have to kick bad nail habits. Biting your nails, ripping hangnails, and sucking on your fingers damage your nail beds and cuticles. Swap your nails for some ladyfingers when tempted to put your digits in your mouth. Oh, and you might want to tell your nail tech to cool it with the cuticle clippers.

Why you shouldn't cut your cuticles

You might be tempted to trim your cuticles for a flawless manicure, but there is no need to sacrifice the skin around your nail beds. Although there is an aesthetic gain, there can be medical disadvantages. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, your cuticles protect new nail growth from bacteria. Without this protective barrier, your nails are more susceptible to infections. Healthy cuticles are the base for healthy nail beds. Plus, trimming your cuticles can cause them to grow back thicker and rougher.

An alternative to cutting your cuticles is pushing them back. It is best to do this after a shower when your skin is soft, or you can soak your fingers for a few minutes first in warm water. Using the round end of a cuticle pusher, gently press back your cuticles to reveal more of your nail beds. A metal cuticle pusher is the best option. They are durable and easy to clean. Ones made from silicon aren't as strong. And wood pushers have to be replaced after each use as they are porous and can trap bacteria. Don't forget your cuticle oil to finish everything off.