How Your Intuition (And Possibly Telepathy) Can Help You Find Your Person When Dating

Actively dating and looking for the right person can be scary. You're putting yourself out there in an inherently vulnerable manner. If you're going to spend intimate time with someone, do your best to care for them, and introduce them to the people you care about — it's worth it to make sure they deserve your time and energy. One of the biggest factors of heartache is realizing that someone isn't your soul mate after you've invested yourself in the relationship.

Unfortunately, those risks put a lot of pressure on the dating scene. Whether it's just someone you're flirting with or you're going on your third date, when you are on the fence, it's easy for some healthy panic to come up. Head spinning with confusion and conflicting feelings, you ask your friends and family what they think. Yet, no matter how wise anyone's advice is, only you can know how you feel and what is best for you. That lies in your intuition. If you cultivate your ability to listen to this, you might find dating a lot less stressful and way more effective.

How to connect with your intuition

Intuition is probably our greatest tool for personal decision-making. It is our unique inner compass. And while it is right inside of us, it can be challenging to pinpoint. After decades of being taught in school that reliable, valuable conclusions must come from analytical thinking, we lose practice in this kind of discernment. Instead of leading with our thoughts, intuition is centered around the physical senses. Ever heard someone advise you to "trust your gut" or say, "I have a bad feeling?" These are references to your bodily intuition. This is why only you can know your intuition; no one else inhibits your body.

Physician and author of the book "Mind Over Medicine," Lissa Rankin, writes with MindBodyGreen that "messages from your intuition tend to be quiet, so spending time in silence will help you hear and interpret these messages." If you are overstimulated or distracted, it can be difficult to hone in on this gentle sense of knowing. But the more you practice silencing the noise using tools like meditation, the easier it becomes. If you can get your intuition clear and strong and apply it to your dating life, you can avoid the anxiety of indecision and ensure you don't waste your time.

Steps you can take to use your intuition while dating

Before you even become face-to-face with a potential romantic interest, there are ways you can use your intuition and even telepathy to attract the right partner. Intuitive expert and best-selling author Laura Day tells PureWow, "intuitive dating is the ability to connect with the relationship you want before it comes into your life — and then to attract, recognize and sustain it when it does." You take time to listen to your intuition and identify what kind of relationship is meant for you. Day elaborates on this idea, saying that once you know what you want, you can take steps toward building a life that supports your desires.

With Poosh, Day explains that we can even utilize a combination of intuition and telepathy to attract the right people into our lives. She writes, "We are sending out signals all the time. Other people feel what we feel. Use that telepathy to express, even over a distance, who you are—and then notice who comes into your life."