Tips For Navigating A Job Search If You're An Introvert (And Landing The Right One)

Discovering if you are introverted or extroverted is an important part of understanding who you are. Living life as an introvert specifically can be tricky in a world full of never-ending social interaction. Introverts are known for needing time in solitude to decompress because they tend to expend their energy when around large crowds for extended periods. Per Verywell Mind, introverts make up 25-40% of the population and can be described as quiet or reserved. These personality traits often bleed into introverts' personal and professional lives and can make anything from holiday gatherings to work environments a struggle.

For many introverts, the switch to remote and hybrid work styles due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a gift, as in-person meetings have transitioned into virtual calls — meaning less social interaction within the workplace. There is somewhat of a stigma attached to introverted workstyles, but being an introvert doesn't have to be negative; for example, being able to work well alone can inspire creativity. According to Harvard Business Review, a study found that introverts even make better leaders in unpredictable scenarios because of their listening skills and adaptability. Additional benefits of introverts that play into career success include strong observation skills and compassionate leading styles.

Introverts have personality types that can be successful in any career path. When job searching, it's important to know your specific desires when it comes to looking for a new role. So what specific steps can an introvert take to navigate a job search and land the right one?

What are the steps to an introvert's job search?

Being an introvert could impact your mental health, so it's very important to try to find a job that allows you to be yourself. The first step an introvert should take when diving into a job search is to create a list of questions regarding their dream role. These questions can include asking if there is a remote, hybrid, or in-person workstyle, what office culture looks like on a day-to-day basis, and if the role is collaboration-based or more individualized. The answers to these questions will help to narrow down your job search and allow you to focus on roles that will help you to succeed.

The second step is to utilize job search engines such as LinkedIn and Indeed to locate job postings that align with your introverted personality type. It's important to read full job descriptions that often lay out specific role responsibilities and company values. You want to use your time effectively, so this tactic will help you decide if a role is even worth applying to.

The third step to take is to talk to employees at the companies that you are interested in working for. There is a guaranteed population of introverts that can share their experiences and provide clarity. When it comes to landing a role that you desire as an introvert, it's also important to be honest with your job interviewer about your workstyle and what scenario you thrive in. This can help both parties evaluate if the role is a good fit.

What kind of job fits introvert personality types?

An introvert is capable of excelling at any job, but there are specific roles that can align with an introvert's natural strengths and abilities. An Intuit study found that over half of self-employed women identified themselves as being introverted, highlighting that entrepreneurship and freelancing are effective career options for jobseekers with introverted personality types. Freelance work specifically allows an introvert to make their own rules regarding their workstyle, which can be extremely beneficial and allow introverts to be more productive.

Engineering is also a strong career option that could set an introvert up for success because of its broadness in terms of diverse roles depending on your interest. In addition, engineering usually requires an extensive amount of individual focus and concentration. Graphic design is another potential job option for introverts, as it focuses a lot on creativity. Often graphic designers work on their computers individually to create a project for a client. A role like this requires limited social interaction and when necessary, collaboration can easily be done virtually. Social media management can be attractive to an introvert because the role is mainly conducted online. There is a limited need for any social interaction when writing Instagram captions, retweeting posts, or making a TikTok. This work is very individualized and also allows for creativity. 

No introvert is the same, but there are many avenues an introvert can take to land their dream role where they are happy, motivated, and productive in their career.