Why Some First Date Awkwardness Is Actually A Green Flag

First dates are nerve-wracking and exciting, but many can also be awkward. When you really think about it, you are two strangers meeting up to see if you want to commit your life to each other. It can feel like a lot of pressure to impress. However, this pressure may not be a bad thing.

If your date seems nervous, stumbles over their words a little bit, or has the ability to laugh at their own awkwardness, these are all signs that add up to one thing: they care. When you reach the point in life where you are no longer just casually dating for fun but are actually hoping to find your person in this big world, your tolerance for red flags is nonexistent.

Red flags in dating usually symbolize the end of any potential relationship, and there are certain relationship red flags you should never ignore. Early warning signs typically consist of your date not listening to you or your boundaries, major character flaws like gaslighting or manipulation, or even lying and cheating. When these things occur early on, kicking them to the curb can be easy. However, learning how to recognize green flags in the early stages of dating can be just as important.

What are green flags?

Green flags are positive characteristics or traits that you notice in someone that should provide a sense of peace or confidence when moving forward in the relationship, and there are some major green flags to look for on a date. Green flags can range from your date's emotional vulnerability, their ability to communicate in a healthy way, or even an alignment on core values. Since a relationship is a two-way street, some green flags may be subjective or specific to you and what you're looking for in a dating partner.

According to BetterUp, being aware of the prevalent green flags in the dating world will give you more confidence and clarity when it comes to discerning who is a good fit for you. While many of these green flags can feel heavy or quite serious, there are also lighthearted ones that can convey important information.

PureWow explains that seeing someone's awkwardness shine through on the first date is actually a good sign. It shows that they are down to earth and don't have any interest in attempting to create this perfect facade. It also means that they are invested in how the date goes.

Awkwardness is endearing

First dates are inevitably awkward, so learning how to laugh at yourself and your faux pas reflects a healthy amount of confidence. The nerves or uncertainty between two strangers on a date translates into pent-up energy and excitement. It shows that they care about their date with you enough to embrace the range of emotions that come with that.

This can lead to the occasional clumsy moment or obnoxious laugh but that transparency might actually help to calm your own anxieties. It gives you an insight into your date's intentions and humanizes them. You may even find yourself bonding over your nerves, which can naturally lead to vulnerable conversations faster than anyone anticipated.

It's also important to differentiate between an awkward date and a few awkward moments that occur organically. It's always hard to put yourself out there for someone to judge. So, validating your date's emotions and making sure they feel accepted despite some first-date awkwardness is important. Of course, sharing those nervous laughs together can help break the ice and may lead to something great in the future.