'Lip Slugging' Can Rid You Of Crusty, Chapped Lips For Good

Winter can be hard on your skin with drying, peeling, and irritation being among the many side effects of the harsh whipping winds and cold weather. Not only can the rigid temperatures be bad news, but sunny weather can also affect your skin as well. In fact, dry, chapped, and cracking lips are a common winter woe and can be painful to deal with.

Your lips are just as important to keep moisturized as the rest of your skin. While you may use a lip balm after you notice you have dry or chapped lips, sometimes it helps to take it a step further to prevent any irritation in the first place. So, what can you do to protect your lips and keep them moisturized not just in the winter but year round? If even the best lip balms aren't doing the trick, it's time to upgrade your skincare regime by adding lip slugging to it.

Lip slugging keeps your lips hydrated

If you're a skincare enthusiast, you've probably already heard of the facial slugging treatment that went viral on TikTok. Facial slugging is a hydrating treatment for your skin where you put layers of Vaseline onto your face and leave it on overnight as a moisturizing facemask. According to Stylist, lip slugging is similar. However, instead of applying moisturizer to your face, you apply it to your lips, followed by a layer of Vaseline or a lip ointment. It's recommended you do this treatment before going to bed and leave it on your lips overnight to get the best results.

You can also switch things up by applying a lip mask instead of a moisturizer, followed by Vaseline to give your lips some much-needed TLC and keep them hydrated. When your lips are crusty and chapped, lip slugging is the saving grace treatment that has the stamp of approval from famous dermatologists like the DermDoctor — aka Dr. Shah — on TikTok.

How to practice lip slugging at home

You can achieve glossy, hydrated lips in just three simple steps using skincare items you probably already have at home. All you need is water, a fragrance-free moisturizer, and Vaseline. First, dab your lips in a bit of water to get them damp. Wet skin absorbs the product more easily. Facialist Debbie Thomas tells Byrdie, "Damp skin is more permeable than dry skin, so technically you should get...better absorption of your products if applied directly after cleansing."

Then, apply the moisturizer to your lips and let it soak in for a few minutes. To finish off, add a layer of ointment or Vaseline to trap in the moisture. It's best to avoid products that contain fragrances, as a study showed that this popular ingredient is a common cause of dermatitis. This can irritate the lips, and create more discomfort than before. 

With this easy go-to lip treatment, you'll be able to remedy crusty, chapped lips for good.