Why You Should Put Your Phone Down For A More Successful Date Night

You may not want to admit it, but scrolling on your cell phone has likely become an addictive habit. There will always be a new social media post that catches your eye or a text message that needs a response. But when you really sit back and think about it, simply staring at a smartphone likely consumes a large part of your day. While it may seem like multitasking is possible and reading a quick work email while going to lunch with friends won't be distracting, it inevitably is. Cell phones require focus and mental energy, which means those around you aren't getting your full attention or undivided time.

Of course, smartphones have the incredible ability to connect you with friends and family worldwide. However, cell phones can also separate you from the people sitting next to you. Being present with those you love is invaluable. Unfortunately, many people don't even consider putting their cell phones away when they're out on a date or having a romantic night in.

Keeping your cell phone in your hand or back pocket is likely second nature at this point, but reconsidering how intentional you are with your phone during a date night can make a massive difference in the way your relationship progresses.

Cell phones reduce trust levels

If you are in the early stages of talking to someone new or you're about to go out on your first date, keeping your phone out of sight during your time together is highly recommended. Psychologists who analyzed the way phones impacted human connection found that even seeing a cell phone on the table led to conversations that weren't as meaningful and created an environment less conducive to emotional vulnerability. 

Something about having a cell phone out and accessible causes walls to go up and trust levels to go down. When talking about subjects that may require empathy or understanding, people want to ensure that the person they are confiding in is actually listening to them. Even when cell phones are on silent or being ignored, constantly having the option to check the time or look at notifications creates an environment that feels less genuine. It feeds the thought that something more interesting than your date is just a glance away. 

While this gesture is subtle, it sends a message that feels slightly dismissive.

Out of sight, out of mind

Experts recommend intentionally keeping your cell phone out of sight during a date night. By placing your device in a purse or pocket, it's no longer factored into the environment. Smartphones are an easy way to make you feel connected to the world. Many people have likely engaged in nervous scrolling while in new social situations because their phone feels like their only friend. However, cell phones are not a great way to break the ice on a first date, and they can actually be a barrier to creating new friendships or deeper relationships.

Interestingly, those who don't use their phones when they are out with other people claim to have a better overall time. The truth is, there are many reasons why phone-free dinners will make you happier. Unfortunately, since many people have grown accustomed to grabbing their smartphones when they are bored, it's hardly even a second thought at this point. However, when this option is off the table, literally, it creates new opportunities for conversation and connection. Couples can get far more creative with how they choose to spend their time together.

Genuine human connection is hard to beat. It's actually better for your overall health and wellness to look at other faces instead of screens. So, the next time you are planning a special date night, consider keeping your cell phone put away and see if you notice any positive changes.