General Hospital's Kristina Wagner Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of Anna And Felicia's Haunting

According to ABC, among the many surprises planned for the upcoming 60th anniversary of "General Hospital," several of Port Charles's heroes must unite to defeat a fabled menace from yesteryear. While speculated that the late Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) — who's come back from the dead before — could be the legendary threat in question, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that her dead husband, Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos), could return. In a bizarre plot, the megalomaniac attempted to blackmail the world with a weather machine until Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) tossed the villain into one of his own cryogenic chambers. 

That was back in 1981. Currently, Mikkos' brother, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), is working on a secret plot that requires his family to finally band together. Deputy mayor of Port Charles Eileen Ashby (Heather Mazur) has been feeding him information about several of the town's heroes while superspy Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) are part of a team trying to take down Victor. Donning zombie makeup and using a projector, the two faked Eileen out by pretending that Anna was dead and haunting her from beyond the grave. 

They then recorded Eileen's terrified confession and brought her to a secure location to entice Eileen to spill the beans. She revealed that Victor's scheme involves finding the location of a mysterious, unknown place through shards of the Ice Princess — once the world's largest uncut diamond. Let's take a peek behind the scenes of the ghoulish interrogation.

Fans were absolutely thrilled by Anna and Felicia's devious plot

Over on Instagram, actor Kristina Wagner posted a video of herself and co-star Finola Hughes after the makeup department dressed them up as ghouls. She captioned it: "I want to give a shout-out to the amazing makeup artists that did our special effects makeup. They are: Priscilla Castro-Preciado, Alie Fleck, Wendy Fisher, and Jacklyn Quackenbush." In the video, after looking at their zombified hands, Wagner exclaimed, "It looks like you got dumped on by a bird out there," adding, "It's a sign of good luck!" The person recording quipped, "You guys are so cute together."

Fan praise came in the form of: "Bravo! Both you and Finola did an awesome job! You are knocking it out of the park in all your scenes." And, illustrating the effectiveness of the makeup: "I do not recommend watching this scene late at night with all your lights turned off. BEST scene in a long time! You ladies rocked it!" The praise continued with one viewer writing, "The makeup was fantastic. So real. You ladies are great. Love you both." 

Another fan who is glad to see Felicia in a major story replied, "I'm so here for Felicia and Anna's antics. Looks like fun was had! It's been such a gift to see you back on the front burner where you belong." The beloved performers were also complimented with the assertion: "You're still so cute even with the heaps of ghoulish makeup."