The Iconic '90s Zigzag Headband Is Back. Here's How To Style It In A Modern Way

Nostalgia is all the rage, and the 90s are making a comeback in a big way. Fashion trends such as cardigans and sheer dresses are in. However, this is not exclusive to clothing; it also applies to hair accessories. Think claw clips, chunky headbands, scrunchies, and now, zigzag headbands. Throughout the years, the zigzag headband has continually reemerged on the runway. In 2012, models sported the zigzag band for Roland Mouret's Spring-Summer 2012 collection (via Jean Louis David). In 2014 and 2018, the zigzag headband appeared at New York Fashion Week. Most recently, the zigzag headband resurfaced thanks to the hit series "Euphoria."

On "Euphoria," Maddy Perez (portrayed by actor Alexa Demie), rocks the zigzag headband with a dramatic eyeliner look and hoop earrings that scream the 90s. Kim Kimble, the onset hairstylist for "Euphoria," told Byrdie why the zigzag headband is a must-have. She said, "It's different, it's cool, and it's kind of a throwback." The zigzag headband, also known as a stretch comb headband or a toothpick headband, is having a renaissance moment. You can choose a circular elastic zigzag headband or a traditional one that goes behind your ears. Likewise, recreating this iconic 90s hairstyle with a modern twist is fun and effortless.

Pair your zigzag headband with a minimalistic outfit

The zigzag headband is ideal for all hair colors, lengths, and textures. In a word, it's versatile. The zigzag headband works like a comb by pushing your hair back into a visually appealing style. To modernize this beloved 90s look, pair it with an outfit that channels the clean girl aesthetic with muted colors and a minimalist essence. TikTok user @jjeanlu rocks her zigzag headband with a bright lip and a neutral oversized sweater. Ultimately, her zigzag headband adds flair to her otherwise simple but stylish outfit. TikTok user @annamolinstinct wore her zigzag headband with a dress shirt and a leather jacket.

Sporty and trendy

Besides being stylish, the zigzag headband is also practical and functional. In a TikTok, user @amandafiorina shows how she uses her zigzag headband to get her hair out of her face while she does her skincare routine. Having said that, you can wear a zigzag headband while working out or with a chic active look. TikTok User @alexissmueller sports teal green bike shorts with a matching top and a zigzag headband and notes her love for the trend. Similarly, TikTok user @keelyreed wears a black puffer vest and top while she praises her zigzag headband.

Emulate Bella Hadid's look

In her TikTok, user @nynketabak notes that zigzag headbands "went from cringe to cool." Supermodel Bella Hadid appears to agree and has been photographed multiple times donning a zigzag headband, including at her sister Gigi Hadid's 27th birthday in April 2022. Bella wore a pinstripe mini skirt set that beckons the 90s and early 2000s. Along with the zigzag headband, her hair was straight and sleek. On TikTok, @maneaddicts shows how you can easily recreate Bella's hair using a hairdryer and gel. Like the zigzag headband, pinstripe mini skirts are returning to modern fashion. Why not pair a zigzag headband and a pinstripe mini skirt like Bella?

Rock a zigzag headband with an updo

While the zigzag headband is usually worn with the hair down, YouTube creator Art & Lifestyle demonstrates that you can do otherwise. In her video, she shows how to style a zigzag headband with a ponytail, a half-up and half-down hairstyle, pigtails, and a bun. Updos are perfect for any occasion and can take a look from simple to modern and elegant. However, if you don't have long hair, fear not. TikTok users @laurenkawano and @mahfamb show that the zigzag headband looks terrific on straight and curly mid-length styles.

Choose a zigzag headband with rhinestones

To elevate your zigzag headband, don't be afraid to add some shine in the form of rhinestones. In a TikTok, user @gabriella_vigorito wears a rhinestone-embedded zigzag headband on her thick curly hair. In another video, TikTok user @emmanouelas_hair shows how she styles her rhinestone zigzag headband by allowing two strands of her hair to frame her face while the headband pushes back the rest of her hair. If bling isn't your thing, there are also colorful zigzag headbands. TikTok user paired her bright pink zigzag headband with a pink dress.

The bottom line is zigzag headbands can be worn with any outfit of your choice, modern or vintage, and with any hair type, making it the perfect hair accessory for every season.