The Simple Thrifting Hack For The Best Chance Of Finding Quality Clothes

Thrifting is a fashion lover's best friend. Weaving in and out of local thrift shops, and even stopping by one when visiting another city are all the norm for the average thrifter. But even the most proficient thrifter might not be aware of every hack they need to secure some desirable finds. With the variety of ways thrift stores stock their shelves, a shopper will need to consider all options when planning their routine visits. 

Donations are always first in keeping thrift stores fully stocked, as noted by 2nd Ave Stores. Whether it's a person or organization making a charitable contribution to the store or just looking to make some extra cash from the spring cleaning they just performed, these are typically the key players in adding some cool finds to a thrift shop. Other stores going out of business or someone making a big move also help thrift shops add to their inventory for little to nothing. The average thrift store typically stocks its shelves with new items on a daily basis, via Sunshine Thrift, so regular shopping trips to your local thrift store should be first on your list to secure a desirable and hard-to-find item.

But there are more ways thrifters can get their hands on preferred products that most shoppers might not know about. Leave it up to social media to reveal insider knowledge for snagging those inaccessible items.

Thrift shop TikTok is a real place

As the information era continues to gain steam, a few minutes on our social media timelines can offer an extensive list of tips and tricks for anything and everything. Thrift shopping TikTok has become the perfect place to learn the latest trends for finding the most preferable pieces at our local thrift stores. Take this stitch uploaded by Steven, the curator at Wonder Punk Thrift. In his TikTok, he responds to one TikToker who claims their life is "complete" after finding some pieces they don't think they would ever be able to top. While the TikToker's finds are fashionable and chic, Wonder Punk Thrift urges shoppers to "go back" because there's a huge step that's being missed.

Steven, who has been thrifting for years and curating his Poshmark shop, shared a key piece of information on getting first dibs on standout pieces. "When you are thrifting and you find a brand, or you find a quality piece, go back every single day for a week," Steven says. According to the shop curator, desirable pieces like these typically come from someone who donated a ton of their chic items away or from a collection the store chose to release in a series of a week. Some stores even release pieces from less prominent brands first before pushing out items from more popular designers; after all, there are certain clothing brands you should and shouldn't look for during your thrifting adventure

The secret to thrifting

The most desirable brands are sure to sell fast once displayed in a thrift store. But not all thrift shops are the same. The Penny Hoarder notes the science in finding the best thrift and consignment stores with popular designers scattered throughout. Researching the income level and family size of your surrounding areas can be vital in securing luxury designer or trendy pieces for an affordable price. Areas with a higher income tend to have more high-end brands stocked on their shelves while neighborhoods with younger families can possess some of the most hip and fashionable finds. Thrift shops in zones where the residents are older can have some of the best vintage items that make for timeless fashion.

Once you find your favorite thrift store, talk to the staff to find out their restocking schedule. Make time for regular visits because a thrifter never knows when they'll find that dream piece. While the average thrifter can save around $150 a month buying recycled clothing, time is one thing you won't save when thrift shopping. But fret not, thrifting experts say it gets easier over time. "I tell those new to thrifting that it gets much easier with time and when you develop that thrift muscle, you can search any thrift store more quickly and efficiently," Carolyn Becker, a communications and community engagement manager at Goodwill in Greater Washington notes. The secret to thrifting is just taking the time to show up because you never know what you'll find.