Details About Brad Pitt's Relationship With His 6 Children

In 2016, fans were stunned by the news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had ended their relationship. At their peak, "Brangelina" was the ultimate Hollywood power couple: an aspirational blend of talent, smoldering good looks, and selfless humanitarianism. But their most iconic claim to fame was their large, multicultural family. Pitt and Jolie are the proud parents of six children: Maddox, Zahara, and Pax — who joined the family via adoption — as well as three biological children, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.


Shortly after their separation, sources close to the family accused Brad of being abusive toward Angelina and the children. Allegedly, a violent altercation on the family's aircraft was the breaking point for Jolie, who filed for divorce from Brad in September 2016. Although Angelina has remained tight-lipped about the incident, she seemingly alluded to it in a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair. "We're all just healing from the events that led to the filing," the "Salt" actor stated.

Although Brad Pitt has complicated relationships with his children, it's clear that he is trying to make amends for his mistakes. In 2014, the actor told Psychologies Magazine, "I care about [my children] more than I care about myself, which I think is the real definition of love. You see past yourself and become more generous and giving, and wanting only the best for your family" (via E! News).


Brad Pitt developed a close bond with his son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt

In 2002, Angelina Jolie became a mom to Maddox when he was around 6 months old when she adopted him from an orphanage in Cambodia. Jolie was romantically linked to Brad Pitt in 2005, and Pitt adopted Maddox the following year. Speaking to Vogue in 2007, Jolie recalled, "It had never crossed my mind that Mad was going to need a father — certainly not that it would be this man I just met. Until, of course, I got to know Brad and realized that he is naturally just a wonderful father. And we left a lot of it up to Mad, and he took his time and then made the decision one day." Apparently, little Maddox agreed that Brad Pitt was the ideal father figure — so he proclaimed it. As Jolie told Vogue, "He just out of the blue called him Dad."


Determined to show Maddox the joys of a simple, "normal" childhood, Brad Pitt introduced his son to hobbies like go-karting and dirt biking. Of course, the youngster also got to enjoy the perks of having a movie star dad. When Maddox was 11 years old, the father-son duo appeared together in the movie "World War Z." Thanks to Brad, who starred in the film, Maddox got to live a childhood dream by playing the role of a grotesque zombie.

Brad Pitt was accused of attacking Maddox in 2016

Things fell apart for the Jolie-Pitts in 2016 after Brad Pitt allegedly became abusive during a flight on the family's private jet after an argument broke out. According to court documents that were released in 2022, "Pitt lunged at his own child and Jolie grabbed him from behind to stop him. ... The children rushed in and all bravely tried to protect each other. Before it was over, Pitt choked one of the children and struck another in the face" (via NPR). In the filing, Jolie's legal team also accused Pitt of pouring wine and beer on the children. Allegedly, 15-year-old Maddox stood up to Brad during the altercation. In the scuffle, the actor "made contact with Maddox in the shoulder area," a source told People.


Brad Pitt has fervently denied the abuse allegations, but the A-lister has admitted to yelling at his children. In 2017, Pitt also confirmed to QC Magazine that his drinking was out of control around the time of the incident and that he had since gotten sober. As a result of the altercation, authorities investigated Pitt for child abuse, but he was ultimately cleared. The family has never publicly revealed details about the 2016 incident, but it's clear that the ill-fated plane ride caused an enormous rift between Maddox Jolie-Pitt and his father.

Brad Pitt reportedly wants to mend his relationship with Maddox

In 2022, an insider revealed to In Touch that Brad Pitt was devastated over the falling out with his oldest son. Maddox, who currently attends Yonsei University in South Korea, prefers to keep his distance from the limelight — and from the drama surrounding his father. Nonetheless, Brad's distance speaks volumes about the current state of their relationship. In 2019, sources close to the family noted that Pitt was not present for Maddox's college drop-off. Later that year, an In Touch reporter asked Maddox whether his relationship with his father was over, to which the young man replied, "Whatever happens, happens."


Speaking with Us Weekly in 2019, a source said, "Maddox doesn't really see himself as Brad's son." The source also claimed that Angelina Jolie has tried to help salvage the relationship between Maddox and his father. A glimmer of hope appeared in 2020 when Pitt skipped the BAFTAs, citing a family obligation as the reason for his absence. The Sun reported that the actor bailed on his trip to London because Maddox had agreed to meet and talk with him in Los Angeles. Sadly, it seems that the conversation may have gone south because Maddox later testified against his father in a custody hearing with Angelina.

Brad Pitt adores his daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt

In 2005, Angelina Jolie adopted her second child, Zahara, from an orphanage in Ethiopia. According to People, Maddox and Brad Pitt were both present to welcome little Zahara into the family. The following year, Zahara and Maddox were officially adopted by Brad Pitt. As the celebrities showed off their growing family, fans were delighted to catch glimpses of Brad and Zahara's precious bond. Whether the little girl was clutching Brad's hand or snuggled up in his lap, affection was never in short supply. Throughout the years, their enviably close relationship has featured ice cream dates, family vacations, and plenty of tender moments. While speaking about his daughter to Parade in 2011, Pitt remarked, "I cannot imagine life without her" (via HuffPost).


In addition to his affection, superdad Brad is also generous with his time. Pitt was spotted at Zahara's soccer game in 2015, where he had a blast cheering for the mini-athlete. In one photo, Brad could be seen giving his daughter a pep talk while she listened attentively (via OK!). 

Brad Pitt is proud of Zahara despite their family drama

In 2019, a source told Us Weekly that the Jolie-Pitt children would be spending the Christmas holiday divided between two households. According to the insider, Brad Pitt expected the cold shoulder from his oldest kids, Zahara, Maddox, and their brother Pax. A separate source allegedly told OK! that Zahara, Maddox, and Pax were all estranged from their celebrity father. However, the insider also dished that Zahara was open to reuniting with Pitt in the future.


It's unclear where their relationship currently stands, but Brad still seems to be cheering Zahara on, even if it's only from a distance. In 2022, Angelina Jolie proudly announced that Zahara was set to attend college at Spelman College. When asked about the happy news, Brad gushed to Vanity Fair, "She's so smart. She's going to flourish even more at college. It's an exciting and beautiful time to find her own way and pursue her interests. I'm so proud." The delighted dad couldn't help waxing poetic about his daughter as he continued, "Where does the time go, right? They grow up too fast. It brings a tear to the eye."

Brad Pitt has a special bond with his daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Brangelina's first biological child, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, arrived in 2006. Born in Namibia, little Shiloh inherited her father's blue eyes, blond hair, and kind expression. She also has her dad's creative, introspective personality. According to Life & Style, both kindred spirits enjoy making music and art together. In 2020, Brad Pitt gifted his creative daughter an old-school Polaroid camera for her 14th birthday.


In 2022, a TikTok video captured Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's teen daughter performing a hip-hop dance routine at a Los Angeles dance studio. Shiloh received thunderous praise for her moves — proving that there's really no shortage of talent in the Jolie-Pitt gene pool. When asked about the viral dance video, Pitt told Entertainment Tonight, "It brings a tear to the eye, yeah. Very beautiful." Flashing his signature smile, the actor quipped, "I don't know where she got it from. I'm Mr. Two-Left-Feet here." No matter how Shiloh chooses to express herself, her dad will surely be there to support her.

By the looks of it, Brad has plenty of reasons to rave about his daughter. In 2020, a source told Entertainment Tonight, "Brad is so proud of Shiloh and who she has become. He loves that she always stays true to herself and is so good to her brothers and sisters."


Despite his wrongdoings, Shiloh wants the best for her father

When it comes to family matters, Brad Pitt has always preferred to keep things private. However, the Oscar winner is emphatic about his love and support for his six kids. In 2014, Pitt opened up to Psychologies Magazine about fatherhood, stating, "Being a father has changed me on so many levels and made me more generous and alive. I see my children as an essential part of my life. I love being a father and all the responsibilities that entails" (via Us Weekly). When it comes to his daughter Shiloh, the love seems to go both ways.


Pitt must have been grateful for Shiloh's support after his tumultuous split from her mother, Angelina Jolie. As a source explained to In Touch, Shiloh has allegedly forgiven her dad for his missteps and is trying her best to move forward. According to the source, Shiloh commends her dad for getting sober and wishes the best for both of her parents. Another insider dished to OK! in 2022, claiming that Shiloh plays the role of peacekeeper between Brad and Angelina. According to the source, "She's always reminding her mom and dad of the good times they shared. It pains her terribly to see them treating each other like they're some type of monster."

Brad Pitt and his son, Pax Jolie-Pitt, were once a dynamic duo

Pax Jolie-Pitt is the second-eldest of the Jolie-Pitt brood, but he was the fourth to join the family. Time Magazine shared the news of Pax's adoption from Vietnam in 2007, featuring a grainy snapshot of the sweet, timid-looking toddler. Pax, who was 3 years old at the time, eased his way into the family. "It will take him a while to realize he has a family, that his new life is permanent and it won't keep changing," Angelina Jolie told Hello! at the time.  


Fans adored watching Pax grow up and become a mirror image of his heartthrob papa. In 2014, the father-son duo strolled the red carpet together in a pair of suave, all-black outfits (via Today). Pax, who was 11 years old at the time, accompanied his dad to the premiere of "Unbroken," which was directed by Angelina. The two were joined by Pax's siblings, Maddox and Shiloh. In a video announcement, Jolie later explained that the foursome had offered to stand in for her while she was home with the chicken pox.

Brad Pitt's relationship with Pax suffered after his separation from Angelina

Being caught in the middle of a family feud is difficult for anyone, but it must be torturous when your parents' drama is a front-page tabloid spectacle. Like many siblings in their situation, the Jolie-Pitts probably help each other cope with their parents' divorce. That seems to be especially true for Pax and his brother Maddox, who have been close since day one. In 2007, Angelina Jolie told the Mirror UK, "Pax and Maddox have really connected because they're closer in age and are brothers so they have moments when they bond together against everybody else in the family."


Considering how close the brothers are, it's not surprising that Pax appears to have taken Maddox's side during the fallout with his father. However, a source revealed that Brad Pitt isn't giving up on his relationship with Pax. "With Maddox overseas [at college], Brad is also hopeful that Pax will also be interested in reconnecting without the influence of his older brother," the source told Us Weekly.

In 2017, Radar Online spotted Pax and his father attending separate appointments at the same family therapy office. Some fans interpreted the sighting as a hopeful sign that Brad and Pax were taking steps to mend their relationship.

Brad Pitt is protective of his daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

In 2008, Angelina Jolie gave birth to the couple's fifth and sixth children: a set of twins named Vivienne and Knox. It was a dream come true for Brad, who later confessed that he had always yearned for a large family. At the time, Angelina's obstetrician told reporters, "He was very happy. ... The emotion was very strong for him" (via The Hollywood Reporter).


Just like her siblings, Vivienne enjoys a quiet existence. Although the teen is occasionally spotted around her hometown of Los Angeles, the family keeps mum about her private life. However, Vivienne's relationship with her dad appears to be in good standing. In 2022, Pitt joined Vivienne and her brother in Italy to celebrate their 14th birthday. A source told Hollywood Life, "The older the kids get, especially Vivienne, the more they look like and remind Brad of their mother Angelina ... it warms his heart to see the kids taking after her looks-wise."

Purportedly, Brad is protective of Vivienne and her siblings — but not in a possessive or overbearing way. In 2022, a source explained to Us Weekly that "Brad is very big on keeping his time with the kids extremely private, he shields them from scrutiny and is extremely protective that way." A separate source told E! News, "He spends low-key time with his kids at home ... They are homebodies and have a good routine in place."


Knox Jolie-Pitt is a mini Brad Pitt

Knox Jolie-Pitt may be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's youngest son, but he had a very big job during the couple's 2014 wedding. Knox served as ring bearer for the ceremony, which took place in the South of France. At the time, the newlyweds told Hello!, "They all took it very seriously. Knox practiced carrying coins and acorns on his little pillow before he got the ring" (via Us Weekly). Knox and his dad rocked matching black suits for the occasion and it wasn't the first time that the little boy looked like a shrunken-down version of his dad. In 2013, Radar Online spotted Brad and his mini-me at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. To fans' delight, the father-son duo rocked matching all-black outfits. Little Knox looked like a carbon copy of Brad– right down to his teeny tiny aviator sunglasses. It's clear that Knox has inherited every bit of his dad's swag.


While it's totally rewarding to know that your kids want to emulate you, Brad Pitt also encourages his children to be independent. At an Oscars press room speech in 2020, the actor remarked, "I want them to follow their bliss, follow their passions, whatever they're most interested in. It's about guiding as you can, but they get to try everything on and find where their passion lies" (via YouTube). This is a great philosophy considering that Brad Pitt's children are growing up so fast.