The Young And The Restless Relationship Timeline: Victoria And Billy

"The Young and the Restless" is full of classic love stories that are full of love but also heartache. For some couples, no matter how many times they break up or how messy the uncoupling becomes, they always find their way back to each other. While many "Y&R" viewers might point to the decades-long love story of Victor Newman and Nikki Newman or the tale of Nick Newman and Sharon Rosales, other such couples have emerged in recent years.

They may not be together currently, but Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman have their own epic tale of romance, passion, and heartbreak. Despite how often they get back together and subsequently break up again, the cycle somehow finds a way to continue. Their feelings may have grown into something real, but the origins of their relationship were far from a fairytale. Instead, their story reads more like a tale of a love born out of a mistake that blossomed, by chance, into something more beautiful.

Beginning as enemies, Billy and Victoria grew into a powerhouse couple that provided scene-stealing moments every time they shared the screen. However, it's important to understand how their relationship began to fully grasp the magnitude of what they've been through since.

Victor and Chelsea caused many problems for Billy and Victoria

Even though Billy Abbott (then Billy Miller) and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) never showed signs of ending up together, a drunken night led to an unexpected wedding in Jamaica. The pair was headed toward getting their impromptu marriage quickly annulled but ultimately decided to stay together and have a real wedding instead — much to the surprise of themselves and everyone in their inner circles. Unfortunately for the newlyweds, Victoria's father, Victor Newman, wasn't keen on the relationship and was willing to do whatever it took to rid "Billy Boy" from their lives.

Shortly after their marriage began, Victoria ended up pregnant, but a fight between her and Victor led her to have a tragic miscarriage. Later, Billy headed out of town to clear his head and fell right into Victor's next trap — a calculated move to break up his relationship with Victoria once and for all. Billy was arrested and imprisoned in Myanmar on bogus charges. As part of her dirty work for the police, Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) planted fake evidence and took photos to incriminate Billy, and also drugged and sexually assaulted him.

Eventually, Billy was able to return home, but his Chelsea problem was far from over when she turned up on his doorstep with an unwelcome surprise. Due to Chelsea's assault on Billy, she became pregnant with his child. Victor's plan to destroy his daughter's marriage hinged on Victoria leaving Billy as a result of this pregnancy — instead, Victoria adopted their baby boy.

Delia's death put a strain on Billy and Victoria's marriage

Nothing was more detrimental to Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott's marriage than the heartbreaking death of his daughter, Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). One night, Billy left 6-year-old Delia in the car while he went to get her ice cream, but she managed to get out, wander into the road, and was struck by oncoming traffic. Eventually, viewers learned that Victoria's half-brother Adam Newman (then Michael Muhney) was behind the wheel and had fled the crime scene after impact.

Once Billy discovered it was Adam driving the car that killed his daughter, he began to devolve, putting a tremendous strain on his marriage to Victoria. Billy became obsessed with revenge and even went so far as to take Adam at gunpoint in his car. While arguing, they lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a ravine. Billy escaped the wreckage, but there was an explosion, leaving Adam presumed dead. Even though the man responsible for Delia's death was gone, Billy was still wracked with guilt because of his own role in what happened that night. To alleviate some of the pain, Billy joined a support group where he encountered Kelly Andrews (then Cynthia Watros).

Billy and Kelly opened up to each other about their trauma, and Victoria believed they had become too close for comfort. Billy's unwillingness to call off his new friendship was the final straw that led to their marriage falling apart, leaving him without his daughter and wife. Luckily for Billy, he'd have another shot at love with Victoria after her subsequent relationship with J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) imploded.

Billy and Victoria tried again after her abusive relationship with J.T.

Victoria Newman was in a relationship with J.T. Hellstrom when he became abusive toward her, and things escalated to the point that her mother, Nikki Newman, stepped in and was believed to have killed him. Following this trauma, Victoria and Billy (now Jason Thompson) decided to give things another shot. However, similar to the past, things were going fine until Billy began confiding in another woman, causing a disconnect between the couple.

While at a bar, Billy met Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) — Hilary Curtis' twin who had recently arrived in town — and the two began commiserating about the pressures of their lives. Nothing romantic was happening between them at the time, but it was a red flag for Victoria, who was weary of how much time the two were spending together. Unfortunately, Victoria wasn't the only one watching the situation closely.

Billy and Victoria's second try at happiness came to a screeching halt one night at a private event. Amanda's jealous ex arrived and mistook Victoria for Amanda, stabbing her. Victoria nearly lost her life, and she permanently called things off with Billy to protect herself from getting hurt again. It looked like that was the end of their romance, but Billy's subsequent relationship with Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) revealed that there were still feelings between them — at least on one side.

Victoria professed her love to Billy while he was dating Lily

Victoria Newman claimed to be over Billy Abbott, and it genuinely appeared as if that ship had sailed for the final time after her stabbing. However, Victoria began showing signs of jealousy after Billy and Lily Winters began dating. From calling him over to spend time with the kids to always seeming to run into him, she made herself a thorn in the side of Billy's fledging relationship.

After denying it for several weeks, Victoria finally came clean and revealed that not only was she jealous of Billy's new romance with Lily, but that she was still in love with him. Billy politely declined her advances because he was adamant about having a future with Lily. For a while, things were going strong for the new couple, but when Billy grew closer to Chelsea Lawson while helping her through mental health struggles, Lily decided to pull the plug on their relationship.

Now that Billy and Lily are no longer together, the door is again open for him and Victoria to try to make things work. However, his eyes appear to be on another woman they both know well — one that has the potential to ruin any civility between the formerly embattled exes.

Chelsea is creating tension between Billy and Victoria

Billy Abbott recently saved Chelsea Lawson's life after she was standing on the edge of The Grand Phoenix rooftop, ready to plummet to her death. Billy not only saved her, but he then became obsessed with being there for her to the point that it cost him his relationship with Lily Winters. However, spending time with Chelsea may have an impact on his relationship with Victoria Newman as well.

Billy is the main person pushing for Chelsea to spend more time with her biological son, Johnny Abbott — their baby that Victoria adopted. Despite Victoria's continued resistance to the idea, Billy has ignored her concerns and has found ways to give Chelsea more access to their son. It seems Billy and Chelsea are headed for their own romance, which could destroy anything remaining between him and Victoria if it comes to fruition.

Since Chelsea has apologized for her sordid past with Billy, and he forgave her, the likelihood they could start a relationship is that much more real. After everything that Billy and Victoria have been through as a couple and as co-parents, it would be a shame to see it fall to pieces because he's putting his former assailant's wishes ahead of his ex-wife and the mother of his children.