Yep, You Can Wear Mood Jewelry Without Feeling Like A Kid. Here's How To Style The Trend

The 90s continue to make a splash today among individuals who lived through the decade and those who didn't. That's because 90s nostalgia brings to mind simpler times and revolutionary trends. One 90s fad making a comeback in 2023 is mood rings. Although the origins of the mood ring are debated, they were invented in the 1970s by either jewelry designer Marvin Wernick or stockbroker Josh Reynolds. Whatever the case, the mood ring took off and later had a revival in the early 90s. Mood rings were inexpensive and amusing, as they allegedly react to your feelings and emotions.

As the name suggests, each color has meaning and denotes your mood. For example, black, brown, and orange relay anxiety or stress, while shades of blue indicate happiness. Likewise, pink and purple represent romantic feelings. Claire's chief marketing officer, Kristin Patrick, explained to Refinery29 why mood rings were such a hit then and now. She said, "The '90s and early '00s were all about personalization and self-expression."

Patrick added, "During those decades, style trends were really being defined by cultural movements, and I think we're really leaning into that again today. It's that experimental and fluid approach that we see people exploring and seeking as part of their every day." Although they might have a juvenile association, mood rings are retro jewelry you can rock at any age. Patrick notes they are equally stylish as they are nostalgic.

A modern take on the mood ring

Kristin Patrick explained to Refinery29 why everyone should embrace the mood jewelry trend. She said, "Mood jewelry, in particular, offers an easy way to show a piece of who you are in your everyday accessories and is also great for mixing and matching, giving you the ability to customize a look that feels most you." Undeniably, mood rings conjure up images of gumball machines and arcade prizes. While the archetypal mood ring consists of a singular color-changing band, you can also choose one that is sleek and modern. For example, in an Instagram post, user @livenunchi showed off their oval-shaped mood ring.The ring is elegant and has a boho-chic vibe while providing a vintage touch. 

Likewise, @thisstoryjewellery demonstrates how eye-catching a circular mood ring can be paired with another ring and a polished manicure. @regalrose designed a classic heart-shaped ring that comes in silver and gold. However, they added spikes for an edgier look. In a TikTok, user @emeryandopal shows how they make their dainty but fashionable mood ring. In essence, mood rings are playful but can be the perfect addition to any outfit. So tap into your inner child and find the ideal mood ring you can wear to the office or a night out.

Wear your mood jewelry on your neck

Although mood jewelry might appear magical, you have science to thank for its color-changing abilities. Mood jewelry features liquidated crystals that respond to temperature changes and thus change color. But mood jewelry does not have to be exclusive to your fingers; you can wear it on your neck and even your ears. TikTok user @noiamnoticespice01 shows that a mood necklace can be a statement piece and highlight your outfit color. Nevertheless, mood jewelry doesn't have to be bold. Instagram user @drishtihandmade made a mood necklace with a circular pendant and a small stone underneath. It's simple but still captivating.

If the 90s are your inspiration, Pura Vida Bracelets make mood chokers that are dainty for everyday wear but still nostalgic. Moreover, you can pick a fun shape for your mood jewelry, think butterflies, such as TikTok user @myterfly's necklace, a heart, a moon, and more. Earthbound Trading Co has small circular mood earrings and a casual mood bracelet on a woven string if you prefer mood jewelry that isn't too visible or complex. However you decide to wear your mood jewelry, have fun, and don't take it too seriously. After all, being young has little to do with age and is more a state of mind.