The Actor Taking On The Role Of A Young Kate Middleton In Season 6 Of The Crown

It's one thing to portray a real person who truly existed in a television show or in a movie, but when that person is still alive, well, and constantly in the spotlight like The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, we imagine it's a particular challenge for an actor. Fortunately for fans of the Netflix series "The Crown," a young actress from Workingham, England is excited to take on the role of playing Kate in the upcoming sixth season of the show. Meg Bellamy announced that she had been cast as in the series las September, saying of her excitement, "Pinch me please ... So excited to announce that I will be playing Kate Middleton in Series 6 of Netflix's The Crown" (via Daily Mail).

At the time, she went on to make it clear in that same announcement that she has a great deal of respect and admiration for the famous royal and takes her task of portraying Kate seriously. "It is such an honour to be joining the most incredible cast and crew and I will strive to do Kate justice," she said at the time.

So who is Meg Bellamy?

All about Meg Bellamy

Meg Bellamy, who is currently 19-years-old and will be playing a young Kate Middleton in the upcoming sixth season of "The Crown," grew up a short 22 miles from Kate's childhood home in Berkshire, England (via Daily Mail). Like the real Princess of Wales, Meg was also a model student with leadership skills who loved the Theater. Meg served as Head Girl when she attended St Crispin's comprehensive secondary school in Wokingham, and she played Ms. Trunchbull in a school production of Matilda. Her past work experience also always showed her flare for the performing arts, and she even once worked as a character performer at LEGO Land.

And like Kate, Meg has also fallen in love young with a famous, handsome blonde man, film director and acrobat Connor Dutton. Dutton appears to be wonderfully supportive of his partner's blossoming career; when Meg won the role of Kate on "The Crown," Dutton posted a photo of her to his Instagram with a caption that read, "I'm thrilled to share with you that my gorgeously talented girlfriend will be playing Kate Middleton in Series 6 of Netflix's The Crown." He went on to explain, "I'm so proud of you baby," to which Meg replied, "I love you so much!"

We look forward to see what Meg will bring to the table as the young Kate Middleton in the upcoming season of "The Crown"!