What You Need To Know About The 'Thawing' Dating Trend (And How To Tackle It Mindfully)

Dating trends are hard to keep a track of. Every time you go on the internet, there's a new one floating around.

One important thing they do rather well, however, is give names to dating phenomena that we otherwise wouldn't address. They give singles a map of sorts to navigate the confusing maze they sometimes find themselves in. In a way, they validate the various behaviors and corresponding emotions that arise within the dating world. Is someone not responding to your messages after seemingly having a few good dates with you? They might be ghosting you. Did you just find out that your best friend was seeing someone they absolutely had no idea was sleeping with other people too? Your friend is likely a victim of the roaching dating trend.


Just when you thought you'd run out of space in your brain to remember another new love-related buzzword, in comes "thawing." Are you picturing food that's been taken out of the freezer and left on the kitchen counter to thaw out? You are, in fact, pretty close, at least metaphorically. 

What is 'thawing,' and why is this dating trend important?

Just like the name infers, "thawing," a term coined by online dating site Match, refers to a situation where you are open to starting things up again with someone you previously "froze" (via Stylist). The reason why your communication or relationship with the person ended in the past likely has to do with timing. Perhaps you were both not in a place where you wanted anything serious. Or, maybe something about the connection didn't sit right with you when you first started talking. The person with whom you are rekindling things could be an ex or someone you were just casually getting to know but stopped communicating with because you didn't want to take it any further at that time. 


The important thing about this dating trend is the willingness to leave a window (or door) open for a change of perspectives, situations, and chemistry after some time has passed. 

A spokesperson for Match told Stylist, "Rekindling may take time, but with a dose of patience and leaving space for the other to rebuild dialogue, singles are hopeful it will lead to a date well worth the wait." If you're raising your eyebrows at "thawing" and wondering how someone you didn't see potential with in the past could work for you in the present, read on to find ways to tackle this mindfully.

Caution is the name of the game, but don't forget to have fun

Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone you stopped talking to or now call your ex can fall into the category of suitable prospects for "thawing." If the person you decided to walk away from had completely different values from yours or wanted entirely different things out of life (and that hasn't changed), then it is kind of a no-brainer that rekindling things with this person might not be the best idea. 


Dating expert Callisto Adams told Stylist that having an objective and honest view of the entire situation is key. Why did you call it quits? What has changed since you last spoke? Would you advise a dear friend to start things up again if they ever found themselves in a similar situation? Mindfully navigating these questions will give you clarity. "By asking yourself how you've both changed, you may be able to predict how the relationship will change, too," offered Adams.

Once you've made the decision to rekindle things, however, try not to dwell on the past (too much). Approach the union with a fresh perspective while being cautious about not making the same mistakes again. Allow the time when you both weren't together to remain where it is as well — in the past. Dating has changed a lot and will keep changing in the future. Perhaps "thawing" will be a dating trend that stands the test of time.