How To Add Edgy Chain Details To Your Wardrobe In 2023

Spring is finally around the corner, and it's time to start putting away the winter wardrobe and bring out your spring pieces. This year's spring fashion month gave us a sneak peek of what people will likely wear in the upcoming months. The most influential fashion brands had their models strutting down the runway in tassels, lace, tulle, and more. It looks like 2023's spring fashion will all be in the details. Designers dazzled the crowds with innovative twists on classic cuts. However, one detail looked strangely familiar — metallic chains.

What was once an item designated for Coachella circa 2010-2016 now looks like 2023's newest cutting-edge accessory. Per Vogue, chains appeared across Milan, New York, Paris, and London. They report that big names like Emporio Armani, Gucci, Messika, and Ester Manas all made this edgy detail a key part of their spring-summer line. So, we gathered some ideas to help you to take this look off the runway and into the everyday.

Modern armor

Armor is no longer just for medieval time pieces. A chain-linked vest over any top is a unique way to layer and spice up your outfit. You can go with something more minimalist and use the chain as your center statement or go for something more maximalist like Instagram user @amby.strickland in this post. With a bright blue matching set, layered blazer, a beret, a statement belt, and patterned boots, her silver vest is just the metallic icing on the cake.

Geometric chain-link

It's crazy to think that Emma Chamberlain was once a little kid messing around on YouTube. She's since transformed into a podcaster, business owner, and of course, fashion icon. She is someone whose style we are always flagging. Just like every other trend, Chamberlain was ahead of the chain-link bandwagon. In this Instagram post, she wears simple neutrals and loops a multi-colored chain through her belt, giving it a loose-fitted tie that hangs almost to her knee. With geometric shapes linking to one another, Chamberlain has made this statement all her own.

For the night out

If you are ever in doubt as to what to wear to a party or outing, going sparkly is always a good move. It adds a playful and upscale element to your look no matter what you pair it with. A chain-linked skirt like this one rocked by Instagram user @laraaceliaa is the ultimate head-turner. Combining it with a white, simple baby tee, knee highs, and chunky jewelry, @laraaceliaa makes the outfit look casual but edgy. This same low-key but dressy vibe can be achieved with a chain-linked top.

Subtle statement chain

For a long time, when someone would say gold chain necklace, most people would think of chunky, showy street-style links. But Instagram user @adutakech is proving this isn't always the case. A simple, thin chain-linked necklace can be the perfect minimalist and feminine touch to any outfit. In this post, @adutakech shows herself in a strapless, brown leather top sitting at a dinner table. Simplifying the rest of her look, the gold chain around her neck adds a tasteful sparkle.

Steel sleeves

As of late, balletcore has been everyone's obsession. One accessory from the ballet aesthetic that everyone has been stealing is the isolated sleeve. These sleeves come without the top, making for a sweet accessory you can add to any look. Instagram designer @falconiereshop posted a picture of this incredible chain-linked short sleeve and turtleneck. Handcrafted and tied with a bow, it's clearly one of a kind. There's no guarantee a look like this will be comfortable, but it will certainly be a detail no one will miss.