The Undone Bob Is The Perfect Simple, Chill Hairstyle For A Carefree Vibe

One hairstyle that stands the test of time is the bob. Whether a shoulder-length lob or polished cut, it steals the show on runways and red carpets. The haircut actually dates back to the 1910s. American ballroom dancer Irene Castle set the trend when she cut her hair so it wouldn't get in the way of her dancing. The one-layered cut is sharp and sleek. Since then, there have been multiple must-try bob hairstyles.

The undone bob is a trendy version of this stalwart cut that's taking over 2023. Not unlike going from a slick bun to a messy knot, it takes a timeless hairstyle and gives it an effortless edge. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian have worn the style, so you know it's a coveted hairdo. It's a haircut suitable for work, a night out, and lazy days. We're here with the details and how to get the look of the classic bob's trendy alter ego.

Layers and movement define this new style of the bob haircut

The blunt bob is very regal. Since every strand ends at the same point, one hair out of place can ruin the look. The undone bob is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It is a combination of layers and waves that create a relaxed hairdo. It is the epitome of vacation-ready hair all year round. This chic haircut is best because it is low maintenance. Short hair usually requires less work than long hair, and this cut's styling is rather minimal. There is no need to spend hours blow drying and flat ironing. Wet hair or tousled dry locks play well with this undone style.

Opting for the undone bob doesn't just give you a carefree persona. "This style will help to soften mature facial features and accentuate the cheekbones with movement," expert hair stylist Arrogant Smith told She Finds. "By keeping the length long enough in front, this style also helps to frame the face shape, creating a soft and modern look." Smith also recommends sprinkling in highlights or lowlights to add more dimension.

How to achieve the undone bob cut

This style goes by many names — the shaggy bob, choppy bob, messy bob, or undone bob. When you're headed to the salon, it is always best to bring pictures. Grab photos from different angles and with hair textures similar to your own. Waves, curls, and coils work best with this cut to emphasize the layers and volume. "Even though it's choppy and maybe razored, make sure it still has balance and symmetry," celebrity stylist David Stanwell explained to Glamour. A short and uniform cut embraces the classic bob even when undone. However, you can always go for an undone lob or messy asymmetrical bob for longer and skewed styles.

With one big chop, you can achieve the undone bob all on your own. To DIY this look, you'll need hair shears, a hair tie, and confidence. Neatly pull your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck and cut it underneath the hair tie. You'll be left with locks floating just above your shoulders. If the cut isn't perfectly straight, that's great. It is a messy, undone bob after all.