The Clever Pool Noodle Hack That Will Save Your Boots From Slouching

Your fall boot collection has gotten a little out of hand, and trying to store them is turning into a nightmare. The shoe cubbies are just too small, and the tops are flopping over. Your favorite boots are getting ruined. You can literally see all your paycheck flying away as you start to think about storage options to get things cleared up. It's a must, though, since those boots were pricy — but does organization have to cost you?

The answer is in those pool noodles that you bought for your kids last summer. Pressing them into your boots can come in handy when it comes to remedying a floppy situation. With a little bit of DIY know-how, you'll have your boots standing at attention and looking sleek in your closet. And your money stays right where it should — in your wallet.

It's time to straighten up your boots with step-by-step instructions for pool noodle boot shapers. When you don't have pool noodles handy, you can even use newspaper and clothespins to give your boots a little love.

How to do the pool noodle boot hack at home

There's nothing worse than your platform boots flopping over in your closet. But why add boot trees to your Amazon cart when you can get the same result with a simple pool noodle?

In addition to grabbing a noodle, you need a Sharpie and a pair of hardy scissors for this hack. A straight-edge cutter can also work when the scissors just can't cut it — literally. Lay your boots down on their side, stretched out. Lay the noodle alongside the boot to figure out how long you need to cut it. Mark it with the Sharpie. Cut the noodle along your mark and insert the noodle slice into your boots. With your boots standing up, they not only take up less space, but they also make everything in your closet look that much neater.

But what do you do if you can't find a pool noodle? Not to worry. There are other hacks you can try to maintain your boots.

Try these other tricks for perfect boot storage

Let's face it — finding pool noodles in prime boot season can be a little hard, especially if you aren't hip on cutting up your summer accessories. They also aren't going to hold up boots with soft sides that just slip down and might be less effective when it comes to those tall thigh-high boots you love to wear with your winter dresses. Thankfully, DIY pool noodle tricks aren't the only fix out there to keep boots organized and crease-free.

Just grab a few old newspapers or circulars that might have come in the mail. Curl them into a tube, and stuff them in your knee-high boots. You might even consider sprinkling them with a bit of white vinegar to help absorb any bad odors that might be lingering.

For your lightweight boots or shoes with softer sides, grab a few clothes pins and wire hangers. Use the clothespins to pin several boots to the hanger. That way, your closet could look incredible with minimal effort. It's a win-win all around.