The 'Boyfriend Air' Theory That Explains Why You Feel Like You Look Worse After Spending Time With Your Partner

Many people have experienced those days of extreme confidence, where your skin is clear, every curl on your head falls perfectly into place, and you feel beautiful in your skin. However, there are also days when your self-confidence may be extremely low, and no matter what you do to your appearance, it doesn't want to work with you.

While this frustration is often chalked up to a bad hair day or random skin breakouts, there may actually be another explanation. Social media users swear by the theory that spending time with your boyfriend is actually what causes this "glow down." The hashtag #boyfriendair has gained millions of views on TikTok with various women sharing their experiences.

Of course, many women felt like they were crazy for thinking that they actually got uglier from going to their boyfriend's house. However, there seems to be this collective validation online. While it may sound insane, there are actually some logical reasons to back up this "boyfriend air" theory.

The reality of going to your boyfriend's house

For years, people have floated the idea that entering into a committed relationship can lead to a decline in your overall appearance. Some of this may have to do with the honeymoon stage of a relationship. This is when you go out to dinner often or frequently make decadent home-cooked meals together, which can lead to weight gain or skin breakouts over time. However, there is also a psychological element to this change. According to Healthline, researchers found that once you are relieved of the pressure to find a partner, there is less motivation to keep up with an attractive appearance.

Interestingly, there are actually other ideas floating around social media that help to explain a seemingly immediate decline in your appearance. It all centers around going to stay at your boyfriend's house. While it's easy to assume that your boyfriend just doesn't have the same cleanliness standards as you, it may also have to do with the change in your routine.

It can be hard enough to squeeze in self-care during a busy work week, and when you're spending time with your boyfriend, you're even less likely to keep up with it. It's also difficult to pack all of your normal essentials in an overnight bag. So, instead of your multi-step skincare routine and custom hair care products, you might just sleep in your makeup and use your boyfriend's shampoo in the morning, which can leave you with dry skin and greasy hair.

'Boyfriend Air' doesn't last forever

Not only are you breathing his air but you are likely sleeping in his bed, which may mean not getting much quality sleep at all. Plus, your boyfriend may be running their hands through your hair or kissing your face. So, it's not surprising that after a night together your makeup looks a little smudged and your hair is out of place. Whether you brought a few makeup products to reapply in the morning or not, it's common to head home looking a little disheveled.

Luckily, this trend might actually be a good sign for your love life because it helps couples get more comfortable with each other. You may have tried to look perfectly put together when arriving at your boyfriend's house, but you are leaving in a more laid-back and natural state, which shows tremendous vulnerability.

While there are some things your boyfriend should never say to you, there is a good chance that you actually notice your change in appearance more than he does. Despite feeling like you look worse, your connection and bond are likely getting stronger after each visit. Plus, over time you will get more used to your routine at your boyfriend's house and may even start doing some of your usual self-care with him. In the meantime, try to remember that 'Boyfriend Air' is only temporary and will disappear when you return home.