Wear Comfy Clothes To Your Mammogram Appointment - You'll Thank Us Later

Mammograms may be the most nerve-wracking exam aside from the dreaded pap smear. Many women who experience breast pain or suspicious lumps may seek out this test. Leading up to the breast cancer screening, women can experience a sense of dread at the sheer thought of a possible life-changing diagnosis. These feelings are completely normal, and preparing for your big day may help ease some of this nervousness. One way to do so is by ensuring your outfit is cozy and loose-fitting.


Not only does wearing comfortable threads help you undress and redress quickly, but doctors also say tight-fitting clothing may cause both physical and mental discomfort. Don't complicate your life during this big day. Take a moment to meditate before your appointment, eat a balanced breakfast, and choose your outfit wisely. Consider sweatpants, baggy jeans, T-shirts, yoga pants, sweatshirts, or even a pair of your boyfriend's basketball shorts to get the job done. We promise you won't regret this dress down day one bit.

Dress for the occasion

Knowing what to expect during the mammogram can help you decide on what outfit is most appropriate. During the procedure, each breast is placed on a breast support table. The mammographer will then compress them to extend out the breast tissue. There's nothing fun about the mammogram, but luckily it does not take long, with most women being out in less than an hour.


The test does require the removal of the top and bra, so loose-fitting clothes will allow you to get undressed quickly. Wearing pants is fine, as you'll be given a gown, but even these should still be roomy. Many casual dresses are loose-fitting, but they aren't exactly recommended for mammogram appointments. As if the process isn't uncomfortable enough, stripping out of a dress down to your undies in front of the medical staff may only heighten your stress.

Since a mammogram involves squeezing the breasts, there may be some pain afterward. This is another reason why tight clothes won't be in your best interests. A compressed shirt could cause pain in the area that was squeezed.

Tight clothing only heightens anxiety

In some cases, tight clothes can make your body feel very warm. This can lead to sweating and heavier breathing, which could invoke panic. You want to try and wear something that fits just right or even is baggy. Registered dietician Michelle Rauch notes to Healthline that body hugging clothes can put additional strain on the stomach. Such unhealthy pressure can lead to acid reflux, Crohn's disease, intestine damage, and other unfortunate medical conditions.


The last thing you want is to show up to your mammogram appointment already in discomfort since the procedure itself is not exactly pleasant. Other things to avoid wearing during your visit are jewelry, heavy perfumes, and even deodorant. Antiperspirants can interfere with the test results. If you can bypass bras altogether on mammogram day, that would be helpful as well. Remember, comfort is key when making this process as smooth as possible.