The Edgy Nail Color We'll See Everywhere For Spring 2023

When you think of spring fashion, you probably think of pastel colors, florals, and soft tones. But this spring, there's a new edgy nail color that's making a bold comeback that we'll be seeing everywhere this season. Black manis are making a powerful statement and are the new, edge way to bring in warmer weather. The revival of the grunge-chic style means we'll be seeing dark, intense, and bold colors. Think Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, with her uniquely dark and edgy style, or Kourtney Kardashian's glamorous take on the punk-rock look.

Not only are black nails classy and stylish, but they're the perfect go-to look to rock when you want to match any outfit and style. Celebrity manicurist Rachel Messick told InStyle that "black is both bold and subtle, with endless art opportunities." You can wear black nails in so many different ways from a classic black mani to the goth nail trend — you won't run out of fun ways to style these nails.

How to wear black nails this spring

Manicurist Jin Soon Choi explained to PopSugar that "when you want to evoke power, black fits the bill – - especially with a high-gloss finish." If you love to have salon-fresh-looking nails but don't like the constant upkeep, try black ombre nails for a classy, trendy look. With the base color being in a neutral shade, your grow-out will be practically unnoticeable and will let you increase the time between trips to the salon for a refill.

According to The Zoe Report, nude colors and minimalist nail styles like the French tip manicure are going to be trends to look out for. For a more traditional look, spice things up with a classic French tip with a twist to embrace the grunge-girl style this spring. The neutral base shade and black French tip blend seamlessly together and create a gorgeous staple style for the warmer weather.

Other ways to rock the black nail trend

Don't love a minimalist look and want something that's a bit bold? You can opt for a french manicure with a twist, and add an abstract swirl or design to your French tip. To really embrace the dark, edgy trend of the grunge-chic style, take your nails to the next level by adding small diamonds or studs. Make sure to secure them with a top coat of clear shellac to give your nails a glossy, shiny finish.

To achieve a gorgeous black mani at home, start by applying a clear base coat first. Then, apply your black nail polish. We recommend using OPI's Black Onyx for a dark shade that's easy to apply. Once the first coat dries, you can apply the second and finish off your black mani with a top coat of clear shellac nail polish for a long-lasting look.