What Is Honey Tapping, And How Does It Strengthen And Improve Your Skin?

Honey has long been known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Usually used in and as food, honey is not to be underrated as a super-ingredient for the skin as well. According to a study published in the journal Wounds, it is now scientifically proven that honey facilitates the healing process of wounds. Its acidity and osmolarity work together to promote tissue regeneration. The study also highlights honey's ability to literally clean a wound from debris and foreign material.

The beauty industry has begun taking advantage of honey's benefits, too, and it's become a holy grail ingredient in many skincare products and DIY treatments. Whether you need to get rid of dandruff, a pick-me-up for your nails, or a moisturizing face mask, honey is a key player. Even though it's often used as an accompanying ingredient, honey seems to work best alone. You won't be able to use it as a day or night cream because it's sticky, but here's the next best thing: honey tapping. This specific technique will make the most of honey's natural compounds — and it will feel nice.

Honey tapping how-to

Honey tapping is pretty simple. According to Southern Living, once your skin is cleansed and fully dried, apply a thick layer of raw honey to the face. Then use gentle massaging movements to tap the honey into the skin with your fingers. You'll want to do the entire face, paying special attention to problem areas, which should take a few minutes. It's supposed to be sticky, but if it gets too hard to handle, add a drop of water to dilute the honey.

In addition to proper technique, the kind of honey you use is also crucial. Raw honey is a must for skincare, but you can also upgrade to manuka honey. The Wounds article highlights manuka honey's ability to heal wounds that previously failed to recover on their own. It's also a favorite for the holistic aesthetician at Onda Beauty, Kristin May Lee. "It gives my fingers the perfect amount of stick during tapping while providing efficient antibacterial qualities," Lee told New Beauty.

Benefits of honey tapping

In addition to helping to heal any wounds or blemishes you might have, honey does even more! According to Southern Living, practicing honey tapping one to two times per week can strengthen your skin and improve its appearance.

"Honey tapping produces a gentle exfoliating effect leaving the skin more bright, firm, and plump! It will also prepare the skin to better absorb any serums and products applied after this ritual," Kristin Lee explained to New Beauty. The honey face massage is "incredibly effective to help lymph move along quicker to the nearest lymph node, speeding up detoxification," she said.

The lymphatic drainage will assist in accelerating the healing of acne both on the surface level and deep under the skin, Lee added, describing honey tapping as "the ultimate natural glow-enhancing modality to ease inflammation." It seems like the best affordable skincare hero is honey, no question about it. Cleopatra sure was ahead of her time when she took those honey baths!