The Dos And Don'ts Of Going Commando

There's no better feeling than loosening the restraints of whatever has been keeping you chained in. There's the release of pressure when you take out a ponytail, the sweet, immediate relief of removing a bra, and even the instant exhale that occurs whenever you take off those too-tight jeans. We constrict and bind ourselves into our clothes, never questioning why. Yet, under the clothes, some people have the secret freedom of letting their bits breathe. Shunning underwear and choosing to go commando is a decision that people can make either for their health or simply because they love the breeze that comes with having no restrictions.

Whether you don't like the feeling of fabric tightly rubbing against your crotch or you want to microdose the joy of being a nudist, going commando is a completely valid way of living your life. Going without underwear can also prevent you from developing UTIs, yeast infections, and jock itch. Just make sure you adhere to these dos and don'ts if you're looking to go commando.

Why go commando?

A major reason to go commando is because of the risk of infections that can occur when you're wearing underwear pretty much 24/7. While not wearing underwear won't directly translate to no UTIs whatsoever, it'll certainly lower your risk of developing them. Since UTIs occur from microbes, typically spread from the rectum to the urinary tract, eliminating underwear will lower your chance of getting a UTI.

It can also result in less odor and yeast infections. While vaginal odor is completely normal, you may notice a stronger smell during the warmer months. A combination of sweat and heat mingling together in the genital area will only increase the pungent odor, so going sans underwear can help with sweat and odor control. Moist environments are also a petri dish for yeast infections and jock itch — if the underwear you're wearing isn't cotton and breathable, then you have a higher risk of developing them. Not wearing underwear also prevents any irritation or burning that happens when fabric is rubbing against your vulva, a delicate part of your reproductive organ.

How to go commando – and when to put the underwear back on

If you're prone to discharge or are in the ovulation phase of your menstrual cycle, wear panty liners to protect your clothing from the fluid. This trick also works when it comes to working out — cotton panty liners are excellent for moisture-wicking, keeping you cool down there.

When going commando, you may open yourself up to chafing, so prepare before you head out the door. Although wearing baggy clothes may seemingly solve the problem, it's not 100% foolproof. Put on a bit of baby powder or petroleum jelly on the crotch area to act as a barrier between your sensitive skin and your clothes.

Underwear serves as a means of protection between your genitalia and clothes, so you don't have to wash your pants as often when wearing it. With nothing to safeguard your secretions, you'll need to wash your pants, shorts, or skirts after each use. Opt for a gentle detergent to keep the fabric intact with the frequent washing. When on your period, it's best to pop the underwear back on to prevent leaks or blood stains on the clothes. Wearing period underwear along with a tampon or mensural cup can help decrease leaks while still giving you a bit of room to breathe.