The Young And The Restless' Michael Graziadei Announces Engagement To Longtime Girlfriend

On "The Young and the Restless," Daniel Romalotti, Jr. (Michael Graziadei) is the son of rock star Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian). While he's been involved in a few crimes in the past, Daniel has really turned his life around. He left Genoa City in 2013 with his wife Heather Stevens (then Jennifer Landon) and daughter Lucy but unexpectedly returned without them in November 2022.

Since Daniel has come back, he's been working with Chancellor-Winters to develop a gaming platform to give himself something to focus on and create something that will transcend the typical video game and enrich players' lives. He hired his dad to work on the game's music and his mother, the meddling Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), to work on the publicity. As it happens, Phyllis went overboard, trying to do what she thought was best for her son, and family strife abounds.

Happily, Graziadei's real-life family doesn't suffer from soap opera drama. He and his girlfriend, Lauren Carey, have twins named Arlo Wilde and Oliver Bear, born in 2021. The actor spoke to Soap Hub in December, "I have to tell you, we were very fortunate. The universe decided to play this awesome joke and give us two kids at once!" He went on to explain that communication was essential for not only knowing what the kids need but also what each other needs.

Now, Graziadei has surprised Carey with an amazing proposal.

Graziadei surpised everyone on The Talk

While on "The Talk" on March 21, actor Michael Graziadei stated that his return to "The Young and the Restless" was difficult to keep under wraps. "Word travels fast," he said, adding, "The rumor mill is strong over at 'Young and the Restless.'" However, his surprise return to the show wasn't the only shock to celebrate. Graziadei then stated, "One more surprise. It was Lauren's birthday yesterday." He pointed her out in the audience, and she was brought up on stage.

"This is my beautiful girlfriend, Lauren. We've spent the better half of 10 years together. Too long?" to which she jokingly replied, "Too many." Graziadei explained, "She's given me beautiful twins, and I just wanted to do something special for your birthday ... There is no one on this Earth that I would rather grow old and die with." A warm and fuzzy "Awww" came from the audience as he chuckled. "So I was wondering, Lauren Carey," he said while pulling a wedding ring box out of his pocket and getting down on one knee, "Will you marry me?" leading to wild cheers from the audience, his costars, and the hosts.

When he confirmed her answer, Graziadei turned to the audience, happily exclaiming, "She said yes!" Someone brought out a bouquet of roses after Lauren put the ring on, to which Graziadei facetiously said, "For me?" and the two kissed. 

Congratulations to the ecstatic couple on this new chapter of their lives! We hope Graziadei's married life will be far less dramatic than his counterpart on "Y&R."