Where Are The Perfect Match Couples Now?

Ever since releasing its first reality competition show in 2017, Netflix has carved out an impressive space for itself in the crowded world of reality TV. Some of their hit shows include "Love Is Blind," "The Circle," "Too Hot To Handle," and "Selling Sunset." Now, Netflix has launched a new dating show which brings back some of the reality stars fans love (and love to hate) from the other franchises. In "Perfect Match," these contestants get a second chance at finding love.

Chris Coelen, who also created "Love is Blind" and "The Ultimatum," explained that he got the idea for this new show after seeing how reality stars naturally ended up crossing paths. "They go to events together and they connect and they date, honestly. The idea was rooted in that real thing," Coelen said (via Tudum). Thus, "Perfect Match" was born, a show that seems like many others but is the recipe for so many different couplings and drama.

The cast members compete to find their perfect romantic partner, but not all contestants are present in each episode. The contestants have to couple up each night, and anyone left unmatched at the end of the night is sent out of the villa. Things only become more complicated as new contestants come in. Coelen described how couples are mixed up and cast members get swapped out as a sexy version of musical chairs. With the show now over and the dust settled, we've compiled where the final couples are today.

Where do Francesca and Damian stand now?

Before going on "Perfect Match," Francesca Farago was known by reality fans for her time on Season 1 of "Too Hot to Handle," while Damian Powers made his reality dating debut on "Love Is Blind." Though they came from different shows, "Perfect Match" was not the first time the Netflix stars met. They were actually friends who had sparked dating rumors before appearing on this show together. But "Perfect Match" gave them the opportunity to give a romantic partnership a chance.

If you watched "Perfect Match" to the end, then you already know that although they were together for a good portion of the series, Farago and Powers didn't last until the end of Season 1. When Powers started talking about pursuing a relationship after the series, Farago told him she didn't think they had that kind of connection. Speaking to Today about her current relationship with Powers, she said it has changed since the series. "I'm definitely the least close to Damian now and I was probably the closest to him in the house with our friendship," Farago said.

But, it does seem that Farago found her true "Perfect Match" in her current boyfriend, TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. In a sweet video about their relationship, Sullivan revealed that they got together in 2021, then broke up for a time due to distance. Now, the pair are happily back together and posting together on socials frequently.

Did Shayne and Chloe keep dating?

"Perfect Match" was Chloe Veitch's third time on a Netflix series. She'd already been on "Too Hot to Handle" and "The Circle." When the British star met Shayne Jansen (of "Love Is Blind"), the two quickly connected. However, their relationship had several rocky moments throughout the series. When Veitch's former "The Circle" costar and ex, Mitchell Eason, entered the villa, she left Jansen to explore her lingering feelings for him. However, when Eason and Veitch chose to part ways, Veitch was excited to give things another try with Jansen.

Things seemed perfect at first, but Jansen held some resentment for Veitch initially choosing her ex, leading to further arguments throughout the show. Though their energies seemed to match really well, they struggled with communication when issues arose. Speaking about their relationship to Today, Veitch said, "When I decided to make him my perfect match, I was feeling very hopeful. When we got outside of the villa, the bubble that we had around us just popped."

They broke up after filming, which Jansen took responsibility for. During a Netflix interview, he said, "It was definitely my fault that the relationship didn't work ... I had a lot of stress going on with the show—my show [Love Is Blind] still airing. It was mad chaos when I was back home." The pressure Jansen was under and the long distance doomed the relationship. As of now, they're both single, but seem to be on friendly terms.

Are Joey and Kariselle still engaged?

For many watching, Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow's relationship seemed like the most solid on "Perfect Match." In the first episode, they revealed that they'd met before the show started. Snow, who was previously on MTV's "Are You The One?" and Netflix's "Sexy Beasts," messaged Sasso after seeing him on "The Circle." Sasso said he was instantly attracted to Snow. 

They had an on-again-off-again relationship, which ultimately ended because Sasso wasn't ready for commitment. However, their initial chemistry was still there when they met again on the show. They were one of the first couples to pair up, and throughout the series, their bond only grew as they worked through their issues together. By the end, they were so in love that Sasso proposed to Snow, who accepted.

But is this iconic "Perfect Match" couple still together? Sadly, the answer is no. Snow said to Netflix about their relationship now, "I feel like I knew that it was over when we were talking about being a power couple. Joey said we were like the next Batman and Robin ... Does this boy really think I'm his sidekick?" They didn't go into details about how it ended, but Sasso did say, "Sometimes we're so up, we're so down. But we love so hard." 

They're definitely not together now, but it's hard to say what the future will hold, as they are two people who seem to keep finding their way back to each other.

What happened Dom and Georgia?

A vote from their fellow cast members crowned Georgia Hassarati of "Too Hot to Handle" and Dom Gabriel of "The Mole" the season's most "perfect match." They didn't have an easy time getting there, either. Before matching with each other, Gabriel was paired with Francesca Farago, a relationship he seemed very invested in. But when Farago matched with Damian Powers, Hassarati took the opportunity to approach Gabriel, and the pair matched up.

During her private interviews on the show, Farago criticized Hassarati for matching with Gabriel. On an episode of Nick Viall's podcast, Hassarati said she was shocked watching Farago's reaction, because Farago had been very supportive of the relationship to her face. However, Farago has since responded to portions of that podcast, saying Hassarati is spinning a false narrative.

Despite any criticisms, the couple was going strong at the end of the series, but during his follow-up Netflix interview, Gabriel said they broke up before they could even claim their prize money. He claims he was "blindsided" when an episode of Harry Jowsey's podcast came out titled, "Georgia Hassarati And Harry Jowsey Fell In Love!?" However, in an Instagram story quoted by Fansided, Hassarati said the title wasn't up to her and accused Gabriel of being manipulated by Farago. It's hard to know the truth with all the back and forth. But we do know Gabriel and Hassarati are broken up, and Hassarati is now in a public relationship with Jowsey.

Did Bartise and Izzy keep dating?

After saying "no" at the altar during "Love Is Blind" Season 3, Bartise Bowden took another chance at love on "Perfect Match." But things didn't go exactly according to plan. Towards the end of the series, Bowden was paired with Abbey Humphreys of "Twentysomethings: Austin." The two of them seemed to have an agreement that they were going to stay together and see where their relationship could go. But, when Izzy Fairthorne of "Too Hot to Handle" re-entered the villa, Bowden started to have doubts. Bowden had previously broken things off with Fairthorne when they matched before, but he still thought there was potential with her. When Humphreys learned Bowden might choose Fairthorne at the last minute, she warned that it wouldn't be a good look for him. It seems her assessment was correct, as many fans have accused Bowden of toxic behavior throughout the show.

With that in mind, it likely won't be surprising to many that Bowden and Fairthorne's relationship was short-lived. They haven't publicly spoken about their breakups, but based on their social media presence, they both seem to be single. Fairthorne has posted a few TikToks hinting at her current feelings toward Bowden. In one, the reality star implied she wished she'd matched with Nick Uhlenhuth or Shane Jansen while dancing to the lyrics, "I wish I had a time machine." In another, she said Bowden sees himself as a player.

Nick and LC became a last-minute couple to root for

Nick Uhlenhuth from "The Circle" and Lauren "LC" Chamblin from "Love Is Blind" took a while to find each other on "Perfect Match." That's partly because Chamblin wasn't brought into the villa until closer to the end of the show. However, once they had a chance to get to know each other, Uhlenhuth and Chamblin had the makings of a good match.

Still, their romance was so rushed that they were the first to admit they were not a "perfect match." During the series finale, when the host Nick Lachey asked if they were a perfect match, Uhlenhuth said, "No, we talked about it, but we can't say we are the perfect match. I think it'd be ridiculous." Chamblin agreed, and said she didn't just want to say they were perfect for each other just for the show when it wasn't genuine.

Neither of them has publicly spoken about a breakup, but they most likely haven't continued dating. They follow each other on Instagram, and there are no signs of bad blood between them. But, neither Uhlenhuth nor Chamblin has made any posts with the other in it outside of promoting the show.