Long Square Nails Are Trending Right Now, And They're The Perfect Base For Nail Art

Just like fashion and beauty looks, nail styles are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends. Almond and coffin nails have had their turn in the spotlight and were some of the most sought-after nail shapes at the salon. Recently, long square nails have re-emerged from the '90s and have become a staple style for nail lovers everywhere. "Unlike coffin or almond shapes, square nails are not tapered in any way, which keeps the overall look boxy and a bit thicker at the tip than the other shapes," celebrity nail artist Trenna Seney told The Zoe Report.

Long nails are the latest go-to shape for many at the salon since they offer a much larger canvas to work with. The longer the nails, the more fun and funky styles your technician can experiment with. With long, square nails you're not limited to a few simple designs and can step outside of your comfort zone with breathtakingly unique designs: the options are seemingly endless.

Galaxy nails

The celestial trend is back and galaxy nails are more popular than ever. You can get a gorgeous galaxy drip of the starry night sky, or opt for the metallic galaxy style instead. Mazz Hanna, CEO of nail agency Nailing Hollywood explained to Byrdie that "the galaxy nail look can be described as a dimensional layering of bold metallics over a dark base to create the look of outer space." You can experiment with chrome, sparkle, and other metallic shades to nail this look.

'70s inspired nails

If you prefer a more vibrant, colorful nail style, try these '70s-inspired nails for a unique look. This nail style is versatile and uses a mix of bright, neon colors to create funky and eye-catching patterns. You can experiment with different color combinations, make each nail different, or stick to one pattern that suits your style. The best colors to combine are light pink and orange, hot pink and lime green, and baby blue and orange, however, you can choose any complementary hues for your design.

Fire french tip mani

Do you love getting a French manicure but are tired of getting the same classic French tip? Shake things up with this pink French tip mani that drips down to the middle of the nail. It's a fun take on the classic style, and you can experiment with different colors and shades. You can use a darker shade of the tip color for the glitter, or you can play around with a silver or gold glitter.

Multi-design mani

This fun nail design is all about switching things up and stepping away from simple and repetitive looks. With this funky style, you can make each nail a different look and you can opt for any designs that best suit you. From swirls and animal prints to cute checkered patterns and overlapping colors, there's no shortage of designs to choose from. You can combine three or more colors for this look and can choose whichever ones suit your style best.

Neon nails

For nails that stand out and make a statement, try these cute neon nails. Mix shades of neon green, yellow, and blue to recreate this eye-catching set. You can add the simple nail art to just one nail on each nail, a few nails, or all of them if you love the fun design. This nail design is perfect for those who want to rock a unique look with a bit of an edge. The bold colors are perfect for spring and summer.

Rainbow pastel french tip

Who says that pastel colors are reserved for spring? Pastel French tips are trending right now and you can rock these delicate pastel colors all year long. The best part about this nail design is that it can be simple or more creative depending on your style. You can choose a different color for each nail, or stick to one pastel shade. Baby blue, creamy lilac, and muted green are some of the most trending pastel colors that people are loving at the moment.

Goth chic

Embrace your inner Kourtney Kardashian with these cute goth chic nails. This French manicure with a dark twist is a cute variation of the goth nail trend that we'll be seeing a lot more of this season. Add a few gems and glitter to elevate the style and add more dimension to your nails. To go full grunge and to sport an even edgier look, add a cross made of gems to one of your nails on each hand.

Sparkly nails

These sparkly nails embrace everything cute and girly in a classic way. There are so many ways you can rock this sparkly nail trend and you don't have to stick with the soft pink color if that's not your style. Nearly any other nail shade works with this design, and the silver line designs and glitter can also be changed to better match your aesthetic. For a more feminine style, add a heart gem piece to one of the nails to complete the look.