The Meaning Behind The April Diamond Birthstone

Birthstones may be seen predominantly as a fun way to accessorize, but they're actually so much more than that. There are 12 birthstones, one for each month of the calendar year. They include opal, ruby, aquamarine, and amethyst. Each stone is different and is said to have its own unique properties. These stones date back to biblical times when a high priest named Aaron wore a protective breastplate with the 12 gems embedded into it.

During the 18th century, birthstones gained popularity when the gems were assigned to their specific months. Many began wearing them as a way to keep negativity away, as well as to bring prosperity and luck into their lives, according to Mind Body Green. In modern society, birthstones have become a fashion statement to many people who like to wear their own specific birthstones in the form of jewelry such as a ring, necklace, or earrings.

The practice is a way for some to connect to their birth month and the qualities that each stone is said to bring them. Those born in April, for instance, are children of spring and renewal. They're lucky enough that their personal birthstone is a diamond, which holds a special significance in society and is most often the stone of choice for wedding and engagement rings. But, aside from being luxurious, they have a deeper meaning too.

Diamonds have spiritual significance

When it comes to spirituality, April's diamond birthstone takes the cake. The stone is regarded as a symbol of love, purity, and romance, which obviously makes it the perfect choice for wedding jewelry. Diamonds are also believed to offer strength and composure, allowing wearers to think more clearly, have an open mind, and be strong when dealing with their thoughts and emotions. The gemstone is also thought to help its wearer overcome conflict and challenges in life.

Diamonds were originally thought to hold important healing properties too and were once even considered to be a cure for poisoning or a way to protect the wearer from falling ill with the plague (via GIA). While many think of diamonds as being traditionally white or transparent in color, in reality, the stone is actually found in many different colors, including yellow, pink, and green. 

The word diamond means "vajra" or "lightning" in Sanskrit, solidifying its spiritual significance. Of course, over the years there have been some very historic and famous diamonds, such as the Hope Diamond, a 45-carat blue diamond that once belonged to King Louis XIV of France. Likewise, diamonds have increasingly become a symbol of love and luxury. But, for those born in April, they're so much more.

There are many myths surrounding diamonds

According to Cape Town Diamond Museum, diamonds have a long and rich history. Ancient civilizations believed in interesting and beautiful stories about the creation of the April birthstone. For instance, some people thought they were formed from the tears of gods, while others considered them the result of lightning bolts. Additionally, the Romans told stories about how diamonds were placed at the tip of Cupid's arrows and helped couples struck by him to fall deeply in love.

Some other folklore regarding the stones claims that if a person dreams of wearing diamond earrings they'll be given some very prosperous advice about their finances. Meanwhile, diamonds also hold special places when it comes to celebrating wedding anniversaries, as they are the symbol of both the 60th and 75th anniversaries for longtime married couples, per Almanac.

It appears that diamonds have plenty of different meanings, all equally impressive. They can be used to show love, mark an occasion, and, of course, represent those born in the month of April. So, if you're an April baby, you might want to consider choosing a piece of diamond jewelry that fits your own personal style, so that you too can enjoy the reputed benefits that wearing your birthstone can bring.