Will You Get The Same Look If You Use Cheap Brushes For Your Makeup?

When applying makeup, a proper collection of brushes will make the process much easier for you. First off, you want to avoid using your fingers to apply makeup — doing so can make acne worse and the results will not look as even. Likewise, although Q-tips can be helpful when it's time to remove or touch up your makeup, particularly around the eyes, they don't work as well for application — especially for foundation. 

Simply put, brushes are the way to go, and there are lots of different kinds of makeup brushes out there for every step of your beauty routine. For example, you can purchase a brush set specifically for eyeshadow application that includes special tools such as a smudge brush. However, some makeup brushes are prohibitively expensive, which may put you off investing in them. 

If you are on a budget and trying to decide which kind of brushes to purchase, you might be wondering if cost really matters and whether more expensive brushes are actually necessary for a successful makeup routine. There are a few things to consider when deciding which brushes are best for you, your routine, and your skin. Here's how to figure it all out. 

More expensive brushes are better for blending and coverage

Bustle experimented with various makeup brushes that are currently on the market, comparing the cheapest variety to their slightly more expensive counterparts, and finally the super expensive, luxe brands that typically retail for a few hundred bucks a set. They noted that, as the eyeshadow brushes got more expensive, the bristles got softer. Further, although the cheaper brushes did technically do the job, it took noticeably longer to blend eyeshadow, for instance, with them. 

The most expensive brush was the easiest for blending and the eyeshadow application took less time with it too. The face brushes had a similar outcome. The most expensive brush for applying foundation and blush felt the best to use and had the best possible coverage too. All the brushes worked, but the best results came from those with a higher price tag. In general, higher-quality brushes can save you time while ensuring your makeup looks sleeker and more professional.

Another reason to get more expensive brushes

In addition to making your makeup look better, more expensive brushes also last longer. Less expensive makeup brushes can be cheaply made and lose bristles the more you use them. In turn, this leads to you spending more money replacing your makeup brushes more often. Cheaper brushes can also be rougher on your skin and cause irritation. 

You want to be sure the things you use on your skin — brushes, makeup, and any skincare products — are good for you and won't cause any issues, so it's worth it to spend a bit more for higher-quality makeup brushes. If you would like to splurge for a more expensive brush but are not sure what you're looking for, always look toward the experts for advice. 

Professional makeup artist Marta Bota recommends, "Natural hair or synthetic blend eyeshadow brushes for application" (via Insider). She also believes that, for the best possible look, you should use a clean brush to help blend your eyeshadow after applying. You should also check out which brushes placed in the 2022 List Beauty Awards to help you decide which to purchase.