Here's Why You Might Be More Attracted To People Who Own A Dog

Pets positively affect our bodies and our lives in a variety of ways. They keep our stress levels low, they get us out of the house and moving more, and they make us feel less lonely. But they can also be super useful in a more unexpected category: romance. At some point or another, you've probably taken a walk on a nice day and stopped for a moment to admire a gorgeous stranger and the dog walking beside them. Maybe you've even used the dog as an excuse to say hello to someone intriguing.


It's not always easy to meet people organically or to initiate a conversation with someone you don't know, especially for people who are shy, anxious, or introverted. If you're single and have been struggling to make new connections and date, getting a dog who can do some of the work for you might just be the answer. After all, who can really resist a completely adorable golden retriever or Labradoodle? As it turns out, not many people. In fact, there are plenty of reasons dog lovers appear more attractive. 

People with dogs stand out on dating apps

If that profile photo of someone and their dog cuddling or posing for a selfie makes you swoon a tiny bit, you're not alone. In a survey, 63% of 600 singles in the U.S. reported that they were more likely to swipe right on a dating app if a dog is featured in the photos — and apparently, people with dogs are aware that they have an advantage. In fact, 70% said that their pups increase their chances of matching with people, per Newsweek.


According to Maria Sullivan, Vice President of, there are several reasons why folks looking for love may gravitate toward those with canine companions. "Animal lovers are typically perceived to be kind, caring, compassionate, patient, responsible, and overall nice people, which are qualities that many singles desire in a future partner," she explained. Sullivan added that if someone treats their pet with care every day, they seem likely to mirror those qualities in a romantic partnership. 

Dog owners are more approachable in real life

Dogs certainly have power in the realm of online dating, but they also make for fantastic wing-canines in real life. Of course, having a cute pup by your side makes it a lot easier for people to start a conversation with you on the street or in your local park. ("Aw, so cute! What's his/her name?") A dog can serve as an excellent icebreaker that naturally creates space for more conversation to flow and for sparks to fly. By the end of the chat, you might be exchanging numbers or discussing what to do on your first date!


In the same survey, 50% of participants said that they had used their dog "as a ploy" before to start chatting with an attractive person. So, dogs don't only give passersby a reason to stop and chat — they also give their owners more confidence. In fact, according to a Dognition study, 82% of pet owners feel more at ease approaching someone hot when they have their pets with them to help. Who knew dogs could play such a significant role in our love lives?