Use An Acupressure Scalp Stimulator To Encourage Hair Growth

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All it takes is one close look in the mirror to realize that you've developed a bald spot or your hair is thinning. After brushing your hair and watching clumps that are larger than usual come out, you may start to be concerned about hair shedding. From there, you can decide to take the medical route, consulting dermatologists about the ways your hair can grow back fuller and thicker than ever.

While scalp injections or prescription hair growth creams and shampoos may be a popular options, many people may prefer to use more natural methods. Using rosemary oil or water for hair growth has gained traction, with people opting to use the herb to curb their hair shedding. Rinsing the hair with rosemary water is just one hack people try, while others choose to place the oil on the scalp and massage it. If you've gone with the latter option and are yet to see results, it doesn't particularly mean that scalp massages don't work. Instead, you may just need to learn the methods and scalp spots for optimal hair growth.

Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is one of those methods. Here's how you can use this technique to encourage your hair to grow.

How to use acupressure for hair growth

In an interview with Poosh, acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Sandra Chiu states that scalp stimulation is vital for getting oxygen and blood flow up toward the scalp, which ultimately provides you with thicker, healthier hair. Although you can use your hands to perform these acupressure massages, using a tool like a gua sha or reflexology pen may yield better results. "When performed regularly — two to three times per week—you'll start to notice improved growth," Chui said.

But, if two or three times a week doesn't seem like enough, you can also do these massages daily, along with a scalp or hair growth oil. Lotus Health describes the four points to massage. The Taiyang point helps stimulate growth. Ideal for easing stress, which leads to hair loss, find the Wangu point by placing your finger behind your ear and moving to the back of your head in a straight line, massaging as you go along. 

A popular scalp massage point, the Baihui point is right at the top of the head. To increase blood circulation, press on the point for one minute. Release for 30 seconds and then gently press it again. The final point, known as Fengchi, is at the back of the head, at the top of your neck. Massage this point in a circular motion for one minute. When done with each massage, Chiu taps the gua sha around the point for extra energy flow.

At-home methods for hair growth

When your hair constantly breaks or falls out, it could mean that your hair desperately needs a protein treatment. Use keratin-based products like the Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo or Briogeo Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment to give your hair a boost. You can also try a hair mask made of egg and olive oil, or even a cinnamon mask to strengthen and moisturize hair while giving your scalp the circulation it needs to see more growth.

Outside of what you do on the body, the things you put inside your body have a major effect on whether or not your hair will grow. Eating a diet rich in vitamins B and D, minerals, iron, and protein will help with hair growth. Things like nuts, berries, fatty fish, and avocados will not only give you a balanced diet, but help you achieve your hair growth goals. You can also take supplements, such as the Hum Hair Growth Supplement & Biotin Gummies, to encourage hair growth from within.