Mother Of Pearl Nails: How To Get The Iridescent Shimmery Manicure

Like fashion and clothing, manicure trends continue to evolve and become more distinct. In 2022, glazed donut nails became the "it" nail when Hailey Bieber wore a pearly white sheer manicure to the Met Gala. Bieber later unveiled her glazed donut routine and the key behind her manicure, telling Refinery29, "I do one thin layer of a color and then I rub chrome dust over it. " Opalescent nails later became the new glazed donut nails, followed by a resurgence in daring chrome manicures. Another manicure trend that is having a revival is Mother of Pearl nails.

In nature, Mother of Pearl is found inside mollusks like mussels. Mother of Pearl is known for its spectacular iridescent glow and has been used for centuries in jewelry, architecture, and more. Mother of Pearl nails features a creamy iridescent look that strongly resembles its namesake. OPI's Director of Global Education, Heather Reynosa, told Byrdie that Mother of Pearl nails are a new name for an existing trend. She said, "I've been doing versions of it my entire career—and that's since 1995!"

Glamour reports that this is thanks to mermaidcore, an aesthetic that brings an ethereal underwater aura to the masses. Now, you can tap into your inner mermaid with Mother of Pearl nails.

Your nail shape can make all the difference

If you're adventurous with your manicures, you might think Mother of Pearl nails are too subtle. One way to solve this dilemma? A dramatic nail shape such as coffin or ballerina nails. @em.doesmynails' manicure is elongated and striking, proving that Mother of Pearl nails can be as bold as a colorful manicure. In her caption, @em.doesmynails notes that her nails are encapsulated. This means that the glitter in the nail was layered and set with a liquid or gel. If you like embellishments, @nailsbymandyl created a Mother of Pearl manicure with mid-length ballerina nails and a few rhinestones on one finger on each hand.

A Mother of Pearl French mani

Mother of Pearl nails have an airy look that makes them appear delicate. To capitalize on this essence, choose a Mother of Pearl French manicure. This sophisticated look is ideal for a wedding or for the spring season. TikTok user @chantalmariexo kept her almond-shaped nails clear and natural. However, her nail tips were painted in an alluring Mother of Pearl design. Her gold rings add a further dimension to her glossy Mother of Pearl French mani.

Go dark with your Mother of Pearl Manicure

While Mother of Pearl nails are customarily neutral or light in color, that doesn't mean your manicure has to be. Heather Reynosa told Byrdie that you can adapt Mother of Pearl nails however you see fit. Instagram user @yomynail displayed how two Mother of Pearl accent nails can transform an otherwise black stiletto manicure. @hannanails2001 created a stunning manicure with a Mother of Pearl design and a black polish outline. The combination of dark and light colors forms an edgy look, proving that a Mother of Pearl manicure can fit any style.

Add another ocean-themed element to your Mother of Pearl nails

As mermaidcore continues to rise in popularity, your Mother of Pearl nails can reflect your appreciation for this aesthetic.TikTok user @biancasnaildiary chose a light pink shade one on hand and a pearly white shade on the other for her coffin-shaped Mother of Pearl Manicure. On one finger on each hand, she added a heart-shaped pearl detail. Mother of Pearl can be found inside freshwater mussels, which can form pearls. If pink and pearls aren't for you, you can go for an awe-inspiring blue Mother of Pearl manicure like Instagram user @sophiescottnailsx. All in all, these details are an impactful approach to pay tribute to the ocean and its features.

Chrome Mother of Pearl manicure

Heather Reynosa told Byrdie, "The Mother of Pearl trend is all about color travel and dimension in soft shimmers, sheer chromes, and iridescence." Thus, the archetypal Mother of Pearl manicure can be likened to glazed donut nails with more shine. TikTok user @edenpurcell showed off her gorgeous Mother of Pearl manicure with a sheer chrome finish on almond shaped-nails. In another TikTok, @theclearcut demonstrated how her manicurist created her Mother of Pearl mani by painting her nails white and rubbing white chrome nail powder. Purchasing an iridescent nail polish can aid in achieving the same effect.