A Complete List Of Danica McKellar's Hallmark Movies

There's something about a Hallmark movie that just hits the spot, and actor Danica McKellar definitely agrees. "They're just so good natured, and they tell good stories about good people," she said during an interview on the "Today" show. "And yes, they provide an escape from our crazy world, but more than that, they remind us that we can be better, and they remind us to connect with each other, and they remind us of the importance of family and traditions, and I just love helping to spread that in the world." From feel-good Christmas movies to a film about fostering an adorable golden retriever, the actor has appeared in 16 movies on Hallmark Channel.


While you may recognize McKellar from the successful television sitcom "The Wonder Years," you'll be seeing her in a much different way once you binge all of her Hallmark Channel movies. "The Hallmark Christmas movies have taken off and become this institution," the actor told People in an interview. "It used to be every day of my life, somebody would recognize me for 'The Wonder Years' on the street, and now they're talking about Hallmark movies."

Here's a closer look at all of McKellar's Hallmark movies.

Perfect Match (2015)

A wedding is all about blending together two completely different families, but the couple in the movie "Perfect Match" can't seem to agree on anything at all about their big day. To help make the planning process as smooth as possible, the groom's mother hires a wedding planner, Jessica (Danica McKellar), and an event planner named Adam (Paul Greene) to help save the day. The only issue is that these two professional planners can't seem to agree on any of the details either. However, just like many of our favorite Hallmark films, this romantic comedy reinforces the idea that opposites really do attract.


As fate would have it, "Perfect Match" was filmed shortly after Danica McKellar tied the knot with her real-life husband Scott Sveslosky — and the movie helped her unpack a lot of the typical post-wedding stress. "A lot of brides actually go through wedding-planning withdrawal after their wedding," the actor told People. "And I didn't have to because I got to plan another wedding."

Crown for Christmas (2015)

After being fired from her New York City job one week before Christmas, Allie (Danica McKellar) is out to accept whatever gig she can get to help her raise her two younger siblings. Naturally, she jumps at the first chance to travel abroad and become the governess to a young princess in order to get a paycheck. The only problem is: The girl doesn't like her and is determined to get rid of her.


Allie cannot be without a job and does whatever she can to keep it — even if she has no idea what she's supposed to do in a castle. Before long, her unique ways and American charm soon earn her recognition from the king (Rupert Penry-Jones), and sparks start to fly as Allie essentially receives a "Crown for Christmas."

"This is a fairytale romance. It's 'Sound of Music' meets 'Cinderella,'" star Danica McKellar shared in a behind-the-scenes clip. "And I get to be the Cinderella character."

Wedding Bells (2016)

Shortly before one special couple is set to tie the knot in the 2016 film "Wedding Bells," their family loses all of the money that was going to help them get married. Because of this, they announce that their wedding is officially canceled — until the maid of honor Molly (Danica McKellar) and best man Nick (Kavan Smith) decide to be the ones to make sure this big day happens. Luckily, Nick's father owns a quaint Inn, the perfect place for the couple to say "I do." However, it seems as though there may be more wedding bells ringing after Molly and Nick start spending time together.


The film is filled with love, laughs, and lots of yummy food to celebrate the occasion — but star Danica McKellar didn't know how she would eat all of the unhealthy entrées when the actor has such a strict diet just off-screen. "I read the script, and I was like, 'Oh, my goodness. She's a junk food addict!'" McKellar shared while appearing on "Home & Family." "And I'm gluten free in my real life. I'm not a vegetarian, but I eat really clean food, so how am I going to eat all of this stuff?"

In one specific scene, for example, McKellar's character must take a bite out of a cinnamon bun and chew it up while speaking with Nick. In order to complete the scene, the crew created a bite in the cinnamon bun for her and had McKellar chew on banana slices instead.


My Christmas Dream (2016)

In "My Christmas Dream," department store manager Christina (Danica McKellar) has her sights set on a promotion that will send her to Paris — a dream she's always had. However, she must first create a stunning window display in order to be considered for the job. The only issue is she is lacking inspiration for the greatest Christmas display of all time.


To spark inspiration, Christina enlists the help of former employee Kurt (David Haydn-Jones), and the two work together to create something they're sure will surprise the owner of the department store.

In order to get the set's location for "My Christmas Dream" just as perfect as Christina's window display, the cast and crew filmed the holiday movie inside a real department store. "The problem is, you can't shoot in a department store during the day because people are shopping," star Danica McKellar said in a behind-the-scenes clip. Because of that, all of the department store scenes were filmed throughout the night.

Campfire Kiss (2017)

In an attempt to reconnect with her teenage son, Dana (Danica McKellar), a divorced mother, decides to take him to a campsite created specifically for families. There, she meets another single parent, Steve (Paul Greene), who is having the same issues connecting with his daughter and is hoping that some time camping together will help solve the problem. Luckily, the struggles in school that Steve's daughter is facing are something that Dana is able to help with, considering she herself is a math teacher.


Anyone who is a fan of Danica McKellar knows much she enjoys math in real life. In fact, with "Campfire Kiss" being the first film she's produced, she decided to make teaching math her character's occupation for a special reason. "I wanted to play a math teacher where I can somehow get some of my mission out, some of my message, about girls in math and empowerment," the actor shared during an interview with BUILD Series.

In the same way that her character helps Steve's daughter, Steve helps Dana's son by building up his self-confidence. It seems that these two single parents make a pretty perfect team, sending sparks flying in this romantic comedy that Hallmark movie fans are sure to love.

Coming Home for Christmas (2017)

When Lizzie (Danica McKellar) lands herself a job overseeing the sale of a wealthy estate in "Coming Home for Christmas," she has lots of work to do. The Marley family seems to be drifting apart and doesn't even have an ounce of Christmas cheer. As Lizzie prepares the huge home for its last Christmas Eve gala, it seems as though she makes matters worse between the two brothers (Neal Bledsoe and Andrew Francis) when they both begin falling for her. "It's a love triangle," star Danica McKeller explained while appearing on the talk show "Home & Family," and it could potentially split the family even further apart.


While the wealthy Marley family may not be tight-knit, McKeller is all about family — so much so that she even enlisted the help of her mother and son to appear in one of the scenes in the film (something she's frequently known to do in her Hallmark films). Viewers can spot them while Lizzie is out shopping for Christmas decorations for the gala, as the two take a selfie to commemorate the occasion in the background of the shot.

Very, Very, Valentine (2018)

In "Very, Very, Valentine," florist Helen (Danica McKellar) has had feelings for her best friend Henry (Cameron Mathison) for quite some time. As it turns out, he secretly feels the exact same way and eventually builds up the courage to ask her to their town's masquerade ball. However, since everyone there is wearing masks, Helen approaches a stranger who she believes to be Henry and quickly falls for this masked man instead. "And suddenly he has to go," star Danica McKellar explained in a behind-the-scenes clip. "Much like a reversed 'Cinderella.'"


Helen later asks Henry to help track down this stranger, but he has to put his feelings aside before he is able to help her find that certain someone she has fallen for. "This is the perfect Valentine's Day movie," McKellar said. "It's got some 'Cinderella.' It's got some Cyrano de Bergerac, that unrequited love, and a huge, big Valentine's gala. It's a masquerade ball. What's not to love?"

Love in Design (2018)

In the 2018 Hallmark Channel film "Love in Design," home renovation television host Hannah (Danica McKellar) heads back to her hometown to tackle a major project within the walls of a historical manor. Things begin to get awkward, however, when she realizes she'll soon be working on this renovation with her ex-boyfriend Jeff, an architect (Andrew Walker). As these two high school sweethearts get to work within the building's four walls, old memories of their time together spring to the surface.


However, falling for each other isn't that easy. Throughout "Love in Design," these two characters' styles constantly clash — but if they choose to come together, their two distinct visions could create something beautiful in the end. "This adorable romantic comedy reminds us that sometimes we need to go back home to find our future," Danica McKellar said in an interview with Media from the Heart.

You know that classic quote that Hallmark movies always seem to have as their central theme: Home truly is where the heart is.

Christmas at Grand Valley (2018)

"Christmas at Grand Valley" introduces us to artist Kelly (Danica McKellar), who heads to her hometown for the holidays. She hopes the break from the hustle and bustle of the big city will provide some needed inspiration. While back home, she meets Leo (Brennan Elliott), who has traveled into town to assess the area's local lodge that's up for sale. Kelly isn't happy that one of her favorite hometown spots is being sold. Still, after becoming close to Leo, the two rediscover what inspires them the most during the holiday season.


"My character is having a lot of insecurities, not feeling on top of her game," actor Danica McKellar explained during an interview on "Home & Family." "And coming home turns out to be comforting, not only being with her dad, but also meeting this guy who maybe isn't as bad as she thinks he is."

As important as Kelly's father (Dan Lauria) is to her in "Christmas at Grand Valley," the actor who plays him has been a big part of McKellar's life as well. Lauria played her father figure on the successful television sitcom "The Wonder Years" when McKellar was first kicking off her career as a child actor.

Love and Sunshine (2019)

After going through a tough breakup, Ally (Danica McKellar) suddenly meets someone else who completely changes her life: a golden retriever named Sunshine. Sunshine had been serving in the military alongside his human companion, Jake (Mark Deklin), but now needs someone to care for her. However, just as Ally becomes attached to her fostered golden retriever, Jake returns home and comes to pick up his dog — and feelings begin to become stronger for someone other than just Sunshine.


Filming "Love and Sunshine" with a furry co-star was a fun experience, according to Danica McKellar. During one scene, in particular, "there was this huge spread of food," the actor explained during an interview with "Home & Family." "And this happened off camera, and unfortunately they didn't capture it on camera." One of the dogs who plays Sunshine happened to be extra hungry that day. "She saw her opportunity, and she jumped up onto one of the tables. Somehow, didn't disturb anything except for one sandwich and started running," McKellar said with a laugh. "Two trainers were chasing her after her around and around the table."

Matchmaker Mysteries: A Killer Engagement (2019)

In the "Matchmaker Mysteries" movie series, Angie Dove (Danica McKellar) is known for her exquisite skill in bringing people together. She even has her own television show all about finding people the love of their lives — just like the famous Patti Stanger of Bravo's reality series "Millionaire Matchmaker." In fact, as Danica McKellar revealed during a behind-the-scenes clip, "This project is loosely based on her."


After Angie sets up a perfectly matched couple in the first movie, "A Killer Engagement," one of them is murdered in the middle of their engagement party. Though the police are on the case, Angie can't help but get involved as Detective Carter (Victor Webster) attempts to track down the killer. After all, Angie knows the inner workings of human beings best. "She uses that talent of hers to help match people together," McKeller said in a clip. "But when a murder happens, she's able to also say, 'Wait a minute, I know human behaviors.'"

Christmas at Dollywood (2019)

In the 2019 film "Christmas at Dollywood," Rachel (Danica McKellar) is an event planner from the big city, who travels back to her hometown in Tennessee to help plan a Christmas event at the famous amusement park Dollywood. There, she must work alongside Luke (Niall Matter), a man who is all business. Though the two butt heads throughout the planning process, there's one woman around the park who thinks they may actually be a good match — musician Dolly Parton, played by the real Dolly Parton.


It was while actor Danica McKellar was having lunch with an executive from Hallmark Channel when the idea for "Christmas at Dollywood" came about. McKellar's children's book "Goodnight, Numbers," had just been personally chosen by Parton as part of the musician's Imagination Library, which offers popular books at a lower price for families who wouldn't otherwise have access to them.

Shortly afterward, a Hallmark television executive asked McKellar if she had any ideas for unique settings for a Christmas film. The actor recalled to People that she quickly replied, "How about Christmas at Dollywood?"

Matchmaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance (2020)

The second film in the "Matchmaker Mysteries" movie series, "A Fatal Romance," shows that matchmaker Angie Dove (Danica McKellar) once again has her sights set on deciphering a murder case alongside Detective Carter (Victor Webster).


Angie has been invited to a conference to moderate a romance writers' panel. However, as soon as one of the novelists takes the stage to read an excerpt from her latest book, she falls to the floor — and the unfolding of the rest of this murder mystery quickly begins to hit home for Angie. Her ex-boyfriend (Dan Payne) becomes the central suspect in the case, and this matchmaker is determined to clear his name.

By this second installment, McKellar's portrayal of a self-made detective got her noticed by filmmaker Rian Johnson. "In [his] film 'Knives Out' there's a mention of a fictitious Hallmark movie called 'Deadly by Surprise' starring me," McKellar explained during an interview with MediaVillage. To honor this shoutout in the same way, McKellar drops the name of this fictitious film in "Matchmaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance," too. "So look for a reference to 'Deadly," McKellar said. "Fans of 'Knives Out' will love it."


Christmas She Wrote (2020)

In "Christmas She Wrote," columnist Kayleigh (Danica McKellar) has just received some horrible news — she has been fired right before the holidays due to budget cuts at her business. Unsure of what to do next, the writer returns home to help with her sister's bakery as she navigates the next steps in her career. Meanwhile, back at the office, her boss Tripp (Dylan Neal) is told that he needs to get Kayleigh back ASAP, or he will be the one who is let go next. When Kayleigh ignores his calls, Tripp finds himself forced to travel to her hometown.


Kayleigh has decided she is just going to start her own column in the local newspaper to spite Tripp's sour attitude. Yet, with his own job on the line, he's willing to do whatever it takes to get her to return back into his business. The high stakes in the film are something that, surprisingly, actor Danica McKellar had to have a stunt double for in "Christmas She Wrote." While her character may be an expert ice skater, it turns out that the actor is very much not. "I'm terrible on the ice," she admitted during an interview with "Access Daily." "I can dance. I was on 'Dancing with the Stars.'" However, "put me on ice, and I'm like Bambi."

Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill (2021)

In "Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill," matchmaker Angie Dove (Danica McKellar) is back for a third and final time. This installment starts out simple enough: Angie is headed to a local art museum, where something sinister is about to go down. A man who works at the museum has been murdered. Of course, Angie has to figure out what happened, and alongside Detective Carter (Victor Webster), the two tackle the mystery together.


There's a reason that Danica McKellar has come back to playing Angie so many times over the course of her career. "I love a good mystery," the actor said during an interview with TV Insider. "I love math. Obviously, I write math books, and so I love puzzles and solving things."

Follow the clues, and you'll enjoy solving this final murder mystery alongside Detective Carter and honorary "detective" Angie Dove!

You, Me & the Christmas Trees (2021)

When a local tree farm is having trouble keeping its trees in good health, the owner Jack (Benjamin Ayres) calls for the help of an evergreen expert in the area named Olivia (Danica McKellar). In "You, Me & the Christmas Trees," Olivia is determined to figure out exactly what is causing these trees to die, and she's on a tight deadline. Together, the two must unearth exactly what is happening before the town's annual Christmas tree lighting.


While romance is sure to ensue between Jack and Olivia, there's another special relationship that viewers will get to see on screen during this feel-good film. The owner of the competing Christmas tree farm in town is played by none other than actor Jason Hervey, which will feel like a blast from the past for fans of "The Wonder Years." "It's the first time that Jason and I have worked together since 'The Wonder Years,'" McKellar shared during an interview with TV Insider. Like the television sitcom that McKellar starred in as a child, this Hallmark film is sure to become a classic.