The 'Late Bloomer' Trend Is Here To Normalize Dating In Your 30s

Depending on which side of the TikTok algorithm you've landed on, there is a good chance that your "For You" page has been bombarded with videos of women in their early 20s, happily married, and possibly even raising children already. While the lifestyle content of marriage and motherhood can be appealing, feeling a decade behind these major life milestones is not ideal.

The normalization of dating and marriage in your 20s can cause those still looking for their life partner in their 30s to view themselves as geriatric by societal standards. However, instead of thinking you're behind in life or questioning your self-worth, TikTok has a trend that speaks directly to those feeling like a "late bloomer."

Many women experience some level of cultural conditioning regarding their love life which causes them to view singleness as a stepping stone to the next stage of adulthood. Luckily, this trend combats that mindset and helps to remind women that every path looks unique.

Don't settle for a partner in your 20s

While some people are fortunate to have found the love of their life at a very young age, that's not the case for many singles. There may be some pressure to settle down, even if you aren't sure your current partner is "the one." However, allowing yourself time in your 20s to discover who you are as a person and learn what you need out of a relationship will make your 30s an incredibly empowering decade.

With a mission to "shed the shame" and create a supportive online community, 30-something "late bloomer" Allora Campbell took to TikTok to share her journey into the dating world and to let others know that they are not alone. Opening up about your inexperience in romantic relationships can feel embarrassing, especially after you leave your 20s. However, it's not uncommon to still be single in your 30s.

According to Glam, much of this societal pressure to settle down and start a family falls primarily on women because of their decreasing fertility once in their 30s. Some women may even begin to wonder if their biological clock is running out of time. Beyond the statistical reality of pregnancy, it's also believed that women face stricter timelines for marriage and family than men because women are still primarily seen as wives, stay-at-home moms, or homemakers. Unfortunately, this external pressure can cause women to settle for partners they don't align with.

Own your story

There isn't one specific reason why somebody labels themselves a late bloomer. Usually, there is a culmination of life circumstances, mental or emotional barriers, and random luck that lead people down this path, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Constantly looking for the approval of others may be an unhealthy habit that could mean you should work on your relationship with yourself. Of course, dwelling on the "what ifs" in life ultimately prevents growth and can hold you back from reaching your full potential individually and within a relationship.

While many people experience their first kiss as a teenager or enter their first relationship in their early 20s, there are also many people who don't. It's helpful to remember that not everything revolves around romantic relationships. Even if you feel like a late bloomer in that department, there are other milestones, such as working your way up in a career, cultivating deep friendships, and your personal development journey, that likely got much more attention throughout your 20s.

When you know who you are and are confident about the life you've built individually, it's much easier to know what you're looking for in a partner. Plus, you may even realize that a long-term romantic partnership isn't for you. Ultimately, trusting your timeline and listening to yourself without judgment will lead to a happy, healthy life.