The Truth About Drew Scott And Linda Phan's Relationship

Drew and Jonathan Scott, the home renovation experts better known to fans of HGTV as the hosts of Property Brothers, are known for helping couples find their fixer-upper dream homes and transforming them into truly magical spaces reflective of their personalities and relationships. These brothers certainly know what it takes to make a couple happy — and the same goes for their own romantic lives!

In December 2016, Drew Scott announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend and Creative Director of Scott Brothers Entertainment, Linda Phan. The couple planned a dreamy Italian wedding for May 2018, but before they could wed, the pair had quite the renovation project to take on with their very first home together — a process the couple documented in the HGTV series Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House. The vintage fixer-upper was clearly full of potential upon first glance — much like the first time Scott laid eyes on his eventual bride. From an adorably embarrassing first meeting to a Dr. Seuss-inspired proposal, here's the truth behind Scott and Phan's enchanting romance.

Fashion faux pas led to love

One of the most important parts of a couple's love story is how the pair met in the first place. In a romantic comedy, this first meeting is referred to as a meet cute — and boy, did Drew Scott and Linda Phan have a meet cute fit for a Nora Ephron flick! 

The HGTV star and his future bride met all the way back in 2010 at an event for Toronto Fashion Week. Scott was searching for a sip of water, and Phan was dressed as a police officer — a fashion police officer, that is. In a 2016 interview with People, Scott and Phan recalled their first meeting and the not-so-suave way Scott went about introducing himself to Phan. 

Phan told People, "My sister and I were backstage looking for pizza and having some water, and Drew came up to me and said 'Hey, where'd you get that water?'" Well, it may not have been the smoothest pick-up line — but it obviously worked out for the best!

They had the "longest first date ever"

Though they laid eyes on one another for the first time at a Toronto Fashion Week event, Drew Scott and Linda Phan only embarked on their first-ever date a few months later. After his pick-up line fumble in Toronto ("I was so smooth," he told People), Scott knew the first date had to be a good one. However, neither he nor Phan likely expected the night to turn into "the longest first date ever." 

The couple revealed to People in a 2016 interview the details of their first date, which included a bite to eat at a sushi restaurant and a sweet treat at a hot chocolate joint. With their bellies full, Phan let Scott know that she'd need to leave soon to attend a friend's karaoke party. Scott's response? "Oh, I'll come!"

Though he wasn't technically on the guest list for the party, Phan let him come along. And, as Phan told People, it's a good thing she did — because as soon as Scott picked up the microphone and sang "I'm on a Boat," she knew she had picked a winner. 

The couple that works together, stays together

Unless you happen to be Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, dating your coworker is often considered to be a risky move. But Drew Scott and Linda Phan clearly aren't afraid to break a rule or two. 

Soon after meeting Scott and his twin brother Jonathan in 2010, Phan received a promotion of sorts. Instead of simply being the girlfriend of one-half of the Property Brothers team, she made the move to being the Creative Director of the Scott brothers' company, Scott Brothers Entertainment. In an adorable Instagram post for her other half's birthday, she wrote: "Lucky I get to celebrate our birthdays (and everyday!) together," clearly showing that working together every day is, well, working!

In addition to serving as the Creative Director for all thing Scott Brothers Entertainment related, Phan is in charge of producing The Producers Ball, a VIP gala held every year during the Toronto International Film Festival. Talk about a woman of many hats! This gal has got it going on. 

And Linda makes three!

After meeting and falling head-over-heels in love with one another, the only logical next step was for Drew Scott and Linda Phan to move in together, which they did in 2012. However, the happy couple wasn't alone in their humble abode. Instead, they had a roommate — Scott's twin brother (and co-host), Jonathan. 

Jonathan, who found himself single for a long period of time after marrying young and going through a divorce, continued living with his twin brother in their Las Vegas bachelor pad, even after Phan moved in. And while it certainly doesn't sound like the most comfortable of situations, Phan told People she found the living arrangement to be quite convenient. "People were always like, 'Isn't that weird?' But there's an ease to it," Phan told the publication. "You wake up and you go to work. It's nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with."

This moment made Drew ugly cry at their wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. You're surrounded by friends and family (unless you choose to elope), dressed to the nines, and preparing to embark on a forever journey with the love of your life. However, guests at the wedding of Drew Scott and Linda Phan were treated to an up-close and personal view of the groom "ugly crying."

Why so many tears? Well, as Scott dished to Entertainment Tonight, he simply couldn't hold back all the emotions he felt upon seeing his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. "The moment I saw Linda coming down the aisle... I was like, boo hoo. I ugly cry," Scott admitted. "I made it two words into my speech and I completely fell apart."

The good news? Scott's wedding day outfit was perfect for wiping up tears. "When you're wearing a kilt, it's a built-in tissue," he joked. "I just took the snot off my face with the kilt."

They skipped a common wedding tradition for a charitable cause

Weddings (and all they entail) are, for the most part, rooted in tradition. However, Drew Scott and Linda Phan broke one particular wedding tradition with what they decided to do for their wedding gift registry. 

Typically, a bride and groom will create a list of coveted items at a favorite store or two for friends, family, and wedding guests interested in buying a gift for the newly married couple. Scott and Phan decided to forego the traditional wedding gift registry, though. In an exclusive for The Knot, the couple dished that even before they discussed a location, color scheme, or date for their wedding, they "agreed upon nixing the traditional wedding registry." 

The reason behind their decision? "Drew and I share a mutual passion for finding and creating ways to give back," Phan dished. "Last August, we embarked on a trip to Kenya with Me to We... and started collaborating with the team to figure out which area of the organization we wanted to direct our efforts. "With our wedding, we're raising money to provide water to 50,000 people." 

Now that's a cause (and wedding) we can get behind! 

Dr. Seuss helped Drew propose

In 2016, six years after their first meeting at Toronto Fashion Week, Drew Scott and Linda Phan announced their engagement. And though Scott isn't the best at first impressions (you may recall his watery pick-up line), the Property Brothers star certainly knows how to plan a memorable surprise proposal!

Scott dished to People that he planned the over-the-top surprise for weeks, and repeatedly had to throw his fiancé-to-be off his trail — telling the magazine that he had to be "stealthy as a ninja" to pull off the surprise of a lifetime. Scott even went so far as to carry the ring around with him at all times and carry out all of his planning offline so Phan would have no way of knowing the excitement that was to come. 

When the big night finally arrived, Scott arranged for the pair to have dinner at Toronto restaurant Piano Piano, where he had the staff surprise Phan with a Dr. Seuss inspired cake that read, "Oh, the places we'll go!" He proposed to Phan as the restaurant played a cover of Train's "Marry Me," recorded by Scott himself. It seems all of his hard work paid off tenfold — she said yes!

They had a fairytale wedding

This newly married couple has dished the details on their incredibly personal and intimate Italian wedding — and we're thinking they should get into the wedding planning business!

A year and a half after their romantic engagement, Drew Scott and Linda Phan were married on May 12, 2018 in an outdoor ceremony with Puglia, Italy as a beautiful backdrop. Though the wedding may have taken place in Italy, Scott (along with twin brother Jonathan, older brother J.D., and father Jim), was sure to pay homage to his own heritage by wearing a traditional Scottish kilt. Linda, who opted out of choosing a maid of honor, was surrounded by ten bridesmaids as she exchanged vows with Scott — all dressed in one of her favorite colors, emerald green.

The couple even paid tribute to their lives together with their wedding cake, which was decorated with both the Scottish symbol for "I love" and the Chinese symbol for double happiness — small touches which represented both Scott and Phan's heritages. 

Making a house a home

Sorry, Jonathan — but Drew Scott and Linda Phan have moved on to greener pastures (and a bigger home) in Los Angeles, California!

No strangers to reality television, Phan and Scott documented the renovation of their brand spankin' new humble abode in a five-part series on HGTV called Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House. And boy, do these two ever know how to turn a regular house into a dream home fit for American royalty! 

The short series follows Phan and Scott as they basically redesign the entire house from the ground up. They turn an overgrown backyard into a relaxing oasis complete with a luxurious patio and swimming pool. They knock down some walls to make room for spacious and beautiful guest bedrooms and bathrooms for their family and friends. Then they also create a totally dreamy Art Deco-inspired master bedroom reflective of their stylish, creative personalities. Jonathan helped to lead the charge during the master bedroom renovation, saying, "This part of the renovation is special to me because it's my chance to put [Phan and Scott] first." Awwww.