Here's What Your Date's Sense Of Humor Really Says About Their Intelligence

We, unconsciously or consciously, look for a lot of things on a first date. We want to be physically and emotionally attracted to the person. There has to be chemistry. The conversation should ideally flow easily. 

Humor is also something that helps. If your date is someone who can make you laugh easily (and also laugh at themselves), it shows that they can see the lighter side of things. For you, this might definitely be a sign that you should go on a second date with this person. Humor has numerous benefits. Scientists think it relieves stress and brings people closer together. This is probably why the saying, "laughter is the best medicine" was born. Think about how your last date's sense of humor added a whole other dimension to your encounter. Did you find them easier to get along with? Did your time with them seem lighter and therefore more pleasant? Were you, at least momentarily, able to forget some of the troubles that were clouding your mind that morning? Chances are, your answer to all of those questions was "yes."

Another link researchers have found between humor and character traits in a person is intelligence. People who can laugh at life and themselves apparently possess a higher IQ than those who can't. There's also something else. 

Funny people have higher emotional intelligence

Studies suggest that a sense of humor and emotional intelligence are positively correlated. 

What is emotional intelligence? At its most basic, emotional intelligence has to do with understanding yourself and those around you. The ability to be aware of and in charge of your emotions and how you express them to those around you is what emotional intelligence is all about. Emotional intelligence in relationships is more important than you think. In a potential partner, emotional intelligence signifies healthy boundaries, empathy, and adaptability, all of which are essential ingredients for a successful relationship. 

Is your date curious about you? Do they ask questions to better understand you? Do they seem confident and happy in their own skin? Do they have healthy relationships in their life? These are all signs that they are emotionally intelligent. Want to train your own emotional intelligence muscles? According to a piece for The Conversation written by Janet M. Gibson, a professor of cognitive psychology at Grinnell College, you might be able to by practicing humor.

Increase your emotional intelligence by laughing more

We may have laughed a lot as babies, but somewhere along the way, with growing up and multiple stressors of life, our sense of humor could've fallen by the wayside. But Gibson thinks there's a way to bring it back (and also increase our emotional intelligence). "By practicing a little laughter each day, you can enhance social skills that may not come naturally to you. When you laugh in response to humor, you share your feelings with others and learn from risks that your response will be accepted/shared/enjoyed by others and not be rejected/ignored/disliked," she writes for The Conversation. 

Learning to see the lighter side of things is a great way to build mental resilience too. There's very little we can control in our lives and this is something all of us learn fairly soon. Injecting a healthy sense of humor can not only help you get through difficult times a little more easily but also help you find more meaning in life.  

How can you go about adding laughter to your life? A good starting point might to be simply watch more comedies. You can also seek out the company of funny people or take up laughing yoga, according to Gibson. The idea is to find everyday avenues that prioritize a sense of humor.