Constance Towers Is Bringing Helena Cassadine Back To General Hospital

"General Hospital" fans were thrilled when Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) not only thwarted the plans of Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos) for world domination in 1981, but also killed the villain. It wasn't until Luke and Laura's (Genie Francis) wedding that Mikkos' widow, Helena Cassadine (then Elizabeth Taylor) showed up and put a curse on the couple as revenge. While they took the curse with a grain of salt, Luke and Laura's marriage would eventually end. Actress Constance Towers took over the role of Helena in 1997, and continued to wreak havoc not only on Luke and Laura, but several other characters on the show.

Helena would continue to be a thorn in everyone's side, even aligning herself with other villains such as international criminal Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). She'd been presumed dead several times over the years, and her death in 2015 seemed to be her last. However, the villainess has appeared a few more times since then, particularly in a video made for her will reading, as well as a snide video she made specifically for Luke's untimely funeral in January 2022. Her brother-in-law, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), has apparently taken up Mikkos' mantle, proclaiming he's going to save the world, and stating that for his scheme to work, many people on the planet must tragically die.

As Victor's reign of terror continues — just in time for the show's 60th anniversary — one villain from the past is reportedly making an appearance.

Helena's return could herald more intrigue to come

On Constance Towers' official Facebook page, a picture of her as Helena Cassadine on "General Hospital" was posted. It was accompanied by the statement: "Good news for fans of #HelenaCassadine. #GeneralHospital #gh. #ConstanceTowers has taped scenes for some upcoming General Hospital episodes. The air dates for her appearances are May 5th and May 8th. Air dates are always subject to change depending on network priorities. If we are advised of a programming change we will post it here." Followers were excited with one responding, "A big hallelujah moment for fans!" The joy continued as another viewer posted, "Yes!!! It's time that part of Victor's master plan includes Helena's return." A true admirer of Towers stated, "Stunningly beautiful and timeless elegance! Big hugs to you!"

When Helena's video played at Luke Spencer's memorial, it was shut off before the audience could see the whole thing. One astute fan remembered this fact, replying, "Rumor has it that [Towers' return] is the rest of the video that Laura stopped playing back at Luke's memorial." If this rumor is true, Soaps has speculated that it could contain information about yet another one of Luke's long-lost children.

Whether any of the rumors out there are true or not, we're still holding out hope that we'll get to see Luke one more time for the 60th, and another appearance by Helena could be the vanguard for that!