Before Hallmark And Full House, Candace Cameron Bure Was In An Iconic '80s Romcom

Candace Cameron Bure knows her way around Hollywood. The actor has been working in show business ever since she was a little girl. In fact, Bure's most well-known role is her portrayal of the character DJ Tanner from the iconic 80s and 90s family sitcom "Full House." Bure played the older Tanner sister to Jodi Sweetin's Stephanie and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Michelle. As the oldest sibling, DJ helped her younger sisters as well as her father, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) following the death of her mother. Years later, Bure reprised the role as DJ on the Netflix sequel series "Fuller House," which featured DJ living back at home and raising her three sons after her husband's death.

However, before tackling the role of DJ, Bure also appeared on TV shows such as "Alice," "St. Elsewhere," "TJ Hooker," "Punky Brewster," "Who's The Boss?," and "Growing Pains," alongside her real-life brother Kirk Cameron. Later, she went on to star in TV movies such as "No One Would Tell," and she even had a guest appearance on the popular teen series "Boy Meets World."

However, before hitting it big on "Full House," Bure actually landed a role in an 80s romantic comedy that went on to become a cult classic.

Candace had a role in a 80s cult classic

In 1987 before she was known as DJ Tanner, Candace Cameron Bure was cast in a minor role in the romantic comedy film "Some Kind Of Wonderful." The movie boasted a stellar young cast, which included actors such as Eric Stoltz ("Mask," "Little Women"), Mary Stuart Masterson ("Fried Green Tomatoes," "Benny & Joon"), Lea Thompson ("Back To The Future," "All The Right Moves"), and Craig Sheffer ("One Tree Hill," "A River Runs Through It"). Of course, at the time it was impossible to predict that Bure was going to grow into a star in her own right.

In the movie, Bure played the role of Cynthia Nelson, the younger sister of Stoltz's Keith Nelson. Keith, a less-than-popular art student, is determined to go on a date with the most popular girl in school, Amanda Jones (Thompson). When she finally agrees, he enlists the help of his best friend, Watts (Masterson) to make the night as memorable as possible. Little does Keith know that Watts is completely in love with him.

For her part, Bure played a classic younger sister and gets in a few zingers as she appears in scenes with Keith and the rest of his family (which you can check out on YouTube if you're unfamiliar). The film may not have showcased all of Bure's acting abilities, but it did help give her a start in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Bure is more than just an actor.

Candace is more than an actor

In addition to her acting career, Candace Cameron Bure has also explored other career opportunities. She previously held a spot on the panel of the popular daytime talk show "The View," where she interviewed other celebrities and gave her opinion about trending news and hot topics. Bure has also ventured into writing and has written multiple books that encompass her love for fitness and her strong faith. She's also appeared on "Dancing With The Stars," where she partnered with Mark Ballas and finished in third place during Season 18.

On Bure's official website, she sells her own line of clothing, devotionals and Bibles, and she also promotes beauty products. The "Full House" star also has a strong passion for physical fitness and is often seen on social media sharing updates about her workouts. "Just sweating that out and all those endorphins really help me a lot. I notice a huge difference when I don't exercise, how much it can affect me mentally and kind of deal with depression," Bure previously told Prevention of her love for exercise.

Bure may be known as a multi-talented star, but her career all started with her ability to be an adorable and likable child actor in projects such as her 80s rom-com debut, "Some Kind Of Wonderful."