16 Mother's Day Gifts For The Women In Your Life Who Bring Out Your Adventurous Side

You've been bragging about your mom most of your life. Maybe it's because she's outdoorsy or creates beauty in the world with her many DIY or artsy projects. And, of course, we agree that a big ol' box of fancy chocolates is a great Mother's Day gift. However, if your mom has been your constant source of inspiration to dive headlong into trying new things, this is the only gift roundup you need.

A bold statement, we agree, but this collection of Mother's Day gifts is rooted in the very thing you love most about her — that sense of adventure. Knowing that this spirited curiosity takes many forms, we gathered ideas that range from foodie projects to extreme adrenaline expeditions. Best of all, nearly all of the Mother's Day gifts included here are experiences you can do with mom. In other words, the trifecta — adventurous, unique, and experience-based gifts for moms that inspire their children to live a big, bold life. Plus, if you want to add a few chocolate truffles, all the merrier.

The best gift for moms who thrive on adrenaline

Her favorite movies include "Top Gun: Maverick" and the "Fast & Furious" lineup. She's always ready to sign that waiver to get in on whatever adrenaline-inducing adventure is on the day's agenda. If you read this and thought, "Yup, that's my momma," then check out the adventure gifts at Uncharted Society. The brand offers one-off and multi-day adventures in the U.S. and beyond -— off-roading, fly-fishing, heli-sledding, and more. Plus, they have a collection of women-only adventures featuring Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, and 3-wheel style Can-Am Ryker motorcycle tours through Yosemite National Park.

Gift ideas for the outdoorsy newborn mom

POV: You text your friend, offering to pop over to babysit the newborn, "Need a nap? I can help." When she replies, it's just a smiling selfie with a baby strapped to her chest — and mountains in the background. She is planning an afternoon nap, but in her all-time happy place: on the trail. Outdoorsy moms like @adriannaadventures are already carrying a baby, so any Mother's Day gifts to help make hiking lighter are the way to go. Opt for a Therm-a-Rest ProLite™ Sleeping Pad — it's light, packs small, and self-inflates.

Mother's Day 2023 goals: DIY Kombucha

It's everywhere — like a popcorn trail, only fermented — and tastier. Of course, you always know where to find mom; just look for her ever-present bottle of kombucha, right? Well, the folks at Farm Steady put together this all-in-one kombucha-making kit, and you're about to easily win Mother's Day. The kit includes everything she'll need to brew her very own batch of green tea kombucha. They've included everything from the jar to the fermentation starter and green tea, which will prevent the common sin you are committing when making kombucha.

Give mom the green light to take flight

She's a bad mamma-jamma, that momma of yours. This earth can't quench her need for new experiences — it's time to take to the skies. Give mom a gift certificate to Virgin Experiences, and she can choose from everything from hot air balloon rides to skydiving. Heck, she can take a cue from @anumaunty and learn to fly a helicopter. There are over 450 flying adventures to choose from, and many accommodate two people. We'll just leave it up to you if you want to tag along on mom's first fighter pilot mission (gulp!).

These are the best flowers for an adventurous mom

Rain or shine, mom's ready for whatever shenanigans the day has in store. She's not the kind of gal to let a sprinkle keep her from the farmer's market or walking along the ocean. With this in mind, skip the usual flower bouquet and grab this insanely adorable flowered rain cape from Aktiv, a one-stop shopping experience for those who love the outdoors but want a wink of Scandinavian design. It's made from recycled materials, has zippered pockets, and looks like a dress when worn over shorts — perfection.

Give mom a bit of Zen this Mother's Day

You don't need to be a zillionaire to give the gift of Zen. Buddha Board lets mom dabble in the mindful practice of watercolor painting on a whim. The board is used with its bamboo paintbrush and water — that's it. She can doodle to her heart's content, and then, as the water evaporates, the creation slowly fades to an empty canvas. The idea of impermanence is a common theme in Buddhism, and when mom's artwork fades, it represents a fresh start and an opportunity to create new beauty.

The perfect Mother's Day getaway bag

Splurging on a getaway with mom is always a great gift. So, if you want to take an adventure vacation with her, you'll have to figure out the best way to pop a bow on it. Since one of the must-have items for any trip is a versatile crossbody pack, the Nano Switch Sling from Gregory Packs is the perfect way to wrap up an adventure-themed Mother's Day gift. It's got a reversible strap and oh-so-many pockets, so stuff them full of travel accessories and plane tickets for a memorable gift experience.

Wow mom with the Stonestreet Estate Vineyards' mountain excursion

Children of all ages often lean on mom for advice, now and again. In fact, sometimes we channel our inner child and — dare we say — whine a bit. Well, it's time to pay the whine tax, so gift her a wine adventure. Stonestreet Estate Vineyards is known for high-altitude wines, and the vineyards have sweeping views of the Alexander Valley in California. They offer an estate tour that drives guests up into the mountainous vineyards for a tasting to experience the wine's terroir (sense of place) first-hand.

Make time to bake bread with mom

The statistics analyzers at National Retail Federation confirmed what we instinctively know: moms love gifts that prioritize spending time with their children. The data shows increased Mother's Day spending on experiences, including foodie moments. But there's a way to level up, so we suggest gifting a day of bread baking together. Just grab a cast-iron Dutch oven from Staub and fill it with a cute kitchen towel, bread-making ingredients, and a printed recipe. Then, set aside a day for the ultimate bread-baking sesh with your culinary queen.

Because your mom is hot (literally)

Hot flashes give the phrase hot momma new meaning, but Hot Girls Pearls can help. The brand offers bracelets and necklaces filled with a special gel designed to cool off during the dreaded hot flashes. Mom stores the jewelry in the freezer so they're at-the-ready. Each bracelet and necklace comes with a stay-cold pouch, so she can also put it on just before sitting down for that outdoor brunch or jam-packed boardroom meeting. Choose from two styles, pearls — as seen above — or flat squares that sit closer to the skin.

Plan a Mother's Day picnic experience

Let's explore the fact that mom loves al fresco dining. Luckily, this makes creating a memorable Mother's Day gift a (spring) breeze since brunch and picnics are a match made in heaven. Sure, you can make a bunch of picnic-friendly foods, but we noticed that @kate_romanoff found a shortcut and went with a pre-packed picnic basket from Harry & David instead. It's loaded with cheese, dips, crackers, fancy sausage, a bottle of Pinot Gris, and the brand's signature pears. All you need to do is pick a grassy spot and bring a picnic blanket.

This is the best gift for moms who love to garden

Here's what we love most about the indoor growing kits from Gardyn: They're perfect for every mom at any skill level. The system uses AI to manage your garden oasis, and the app tells you exactly what to do — and when. Each system has 30 starter plants, including salad greens, mini cauliflower, sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Its vertical design means no awkward digging and bending, which is great for grandmothers looking to bring the benefits of a standing garden bed indoors.

Three cheers for homemade lavender beer

The gifting options are nearly endless if you're lucky enough to have a DIY-loving mom. But we love the many ways this Lavender Blonde Beer Making Mix from Brooklyn Brew Shop serves up joy. First up, lavender is known to be relaxing, and moms (obviously) deserve a soothing sip. But, more than that, it allows mom to experience the beer-making process and craft her own slightly hoppy Belgian ale. The kit includes all the goodies she needs — from the yeast to the hops.

Badass moms wear overalls

In just one morning, she replaced the car's windshield wiper, relocated a yard shrub, and hauled some stuff to the recycling center. If this sounds like your mom, a pair of Duluth overalls will make her swoon. The intricacy of the design is some next-level stuff — as if NASA scientists decided to dedicate their lives to kick-butt overalls. For example, the Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls have nearly a dozen design features like rip-stop fabric, UPF 50-rated protection from the sun, and a bib storage configuration that includes a zippered phone pocket.

Help mom build these tiny treehouses for her plants

Did your mom climb into your treehouse to deliver snacks or play games? Pay homage to that sweet nostalgia with Tiny Treehouses. These 3D building kits are designed as itty-bitty treehouses that can be tucked into houseplants. The kits include a set of fairy lights and easy instructions. In fact, all the assembly parts are laid out on small wood slabs that are numbered and pre-scored. Just gently pop them out and put them together. "Loved the build experience," mentioned one Trust Pilot reviewer. "Only took an hour to finish and was a great product!"

Because she's busy dreaming and doing

Typical to-do lists and grid-like calendars can feel pretty lame, quite honestly. However, Mary Ellen Houston (aka @planningwithbumble) posted this reminder that we can all benefit from a bit more creativity in our day-to-day. Her montage shows how she uses the integrated, creative planning tools from Happy Planner to make a creative, dynamic landscape where daydreams, mantras, and to-do lists all live together in harmony. Choose a theme that speaks to mom's personality; each comes with stickers to customize the planner, depending on mom's daily mood and goals.