Who Was The Young And The Restless' Brock Reynolds?

"The Young and The Restless" has become known for its iconic characters. Of course, if those characters stick around Genoa City long enough, they tend to have children of their own, producing new and interesting legacy characters. One such legacy character is Brock Reynolds (Beau Kazer). As the son of Gary Reynolds and the incomparable Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), Brock led a privileged life, which was made clear when it was revealed that he was busy roaming around Europe during his college years with Lorie Brooks. After his father's death, Brock lost control, leading to a falling out with Katherine and trouble with substance use and other issues.

However, in 1974, Brock finally returned home to Genoa City with a new outlook on life. He had finished school and became a lawyer. Brock looked to rebuild his relationship with his mother but found that she had been struggling with alcoholism. Brock urged Katherine to get her health in check, although she was uncooperative.

In addition to dealing with his mother's health issues, Brock was also pressured by Katherine to get romantically involved with Jill Foster, whom Katherine feared was set to steal her husband, Phillip Chancellor — a member of one of "The Young and The Restless" original families. Brock and Jill eventually got engaged, but before they could make their marriage official, Jill discovered she was pregnant with Phillip's baby. Sadly, Phillip died before the baby was born. However, that was just the beginning of Brock's dramatic story.

Brock was revealed to be Mackenzie Browning's father

After settling back into Genoa City, Brock Reynolds' life changed forever when his mother, Katherine Chancellor, befriended a young homeless woman named Mackenzie "Mac" Browning (Ashley Bashioum). After bonding with Katherine, Mac connected with the wealthy heiress and eventually confided in Katherine about the father she had never met. Mac confessed that all she had was a letter that her father had written to her mother, Amanda Browning. It was then clear that Mac's biological father was none other than Katherine's own son, Brock, who had fallen for Amanda while working in India years prior.

Of course, Katherine arranged a meeting between Brock and Mackenzie, looking to reunite her son with the daughter he never knew about. Brock and Mac hit it off and worked to build their relationship. Both Brock and Mac ended up moving in with Katherine while they found their groove as a family. However, after making a strong connection with his daughter, Brock eventually decided that it was time for him to leave Genoa City again and opted to head to New Orleans to help the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort.

After moving out of the state, Brock did make several trips back to Genoa City, including one to attend an intervention for his mother, as her closest friends and family begged her to get help for her drinking problem.

Brock eventually moved to New Orleans

During one trip back to Genoa City, "The Young and The Restless" fans watched Brock Reynolds come home in sadness to attend his mother Katherine Chancellor's funeral. Brock even spoke at her funeral. However, shortly after, it was shockingly revealed that Katherine hadn't actually died, but her death was faked using her lookalike Marge. Brock was there for a DNA test to prove Katherine's identity, and when his mother walked down the aisle with Patrick Murphy, he officiated the ceremony.

In the 2010s, Brock was back in town again for the wedding of his daughter, Mackenzie, and J.T. Hellstrom (Michael Fairman). He later came home for Katherine's real funeral, which was the last time the character was seen in the flesh. Following Katherine's death, Brock and the rest of her family were all named the beneficiaries of her will, sharing her fortune equally. In 2015, Beau Kazer died, leaving his character behind. "It is with great sadness [I have] to share the news that Beau Kazer passed away on December 30th in Thousand Oaks, California. 'Y&R' was a large part of his life that he was very proud of," his representative confirmed to The Wrap at the time.

Although Brock is no longer roaming around Genoa City, the character will never be forgotten by longtime fans of the iconic soap opera.

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