The 369 Manifestation Method: Everything You Want To Know

Manifestation has been around for quite some time now. It is the practice of bringing something you wish for, whether an experience or an item, into your reality. Some claim it to be pseudoscience, while others are basking in their manifested realities — whether they're aware of it or not.

Manifesting is based on the belief that the Universe, God, an almighty entity — whatever you choose to call it — gives you what you put out into the world energetically. For example, if you're a negative person wanting a positive experience, you're probably not going to get it because you're embodying negative energy most of the time. If you keep focusing on what you don't have, you will keep getting more of not having what you want. Whatever you focus your mind and energy on, that is what you will get. It is also known as the law of attraction.

If you have trouble implementing manifestation into your daily routine or don't quite understand how it works, TikTok might have a solution for you. The so-called 369 manifestation method is the newest spiritual trend on the app that might help you manifest your dream life.

The 369 manifestation method explained

The 369 concept has also been around for quite some time. The originator is thought to be Nikola Tesla, the genius inventor who laid the groundwork for modern electricity. According to spiritual adviser Diana Zalucky, "he believed these divine numbers were the key to unlocking the universe," she told mindbodygreen.

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold great significance in numerology. Wellness guru Ingrid Asoni, founder of Consciously Connected Travel, explains their meaning. "When looking at 369 Manifestation ... the number 3 has long been associated with our human connection to the universe and the source," she tells Cosmopolitan. "Whereas 6 reflects the power and strength and the source that resides within us, while 9 reflects release, relinquish, growth and change allowing us to let go, heal, move past and restore," Asoni adds.

The 369 manifestation method incorporates these numbers into the spiritual practice of consciously attracting what you want by writing it down 3, 6, and 9 times throughout the day, hence the name. It could be described as a more compact version of the "scripting" manifestation technique.

How to 369 manifest your dreams

According to Ingrid Asoni, implementing the 369 method in your daily routine doesn't require all that much. "First thing in the morning after your alarm goes off, write down what you're trying to manifest three times, then in the afternoon, repeat it six times, and in the evening before bed, write it nine times. The repeated consistency, frequency, and intention will start to take root within, and over time you'll begin to embody what it is that you are writing," she tells Cosmopolitan.

Be very specific about what you want to manifest, and approach it as if it's already happening. Don't just say you'd like to feel better — pinpoint the specific reason why you're feeling down and change it in your affirmations. For example, you could say, "I am a confident person," even though that might not be the truth at the moment. By writing it down 18 times per day on a piece of paper, you will start to convince yourself otherwise and make your personal affirmations work faster.

Diana Zalucky reminds us to take appropriate action as well. "Do not make this list and sit pretty at home not doing anything about it. You are co-creating with the universe," she shared with mindbodygreen. Remember not to be too hard on yourself, as this is supposed to be a fun way to shift your reality. In the end, all that truly matters is the energy you embody on a daily basis.