The Viral White Nail Theory Offers A Subtle Alternative To The Red Mani Theory

The color white is known for being simple, elegant, and clean-looking. It can represent attributes like goodness or purity, since white is an unadulterated hue that has no other colors mixed into it. White is also known to symbolize a fresh start.

But what is the symbolism of white when it is painted on your nails? Is it possible that white nails can hold an unexpected yet amorous meaning, even more so than classic red nails? Red nails have historically signified things like love, passion, confidence, and sensuality, and TikTok's red nail theory suggests that nails of this color are attractive to men, perhaps because of memories of seeing women with red nails growing up. 

The color red is known to be attractive to men when it is worn on clothes or accessories, not just as a nail polish color. But when it's time for a manicure, are red nails really the best go-to?

What is the white nail theory?

Depending on the message you are trying to send to your peers, you may want to opt for white nails instead. The white nail theory that has become popularized on TikTok states that white nails communicate your relationship status to the men around you. According to the theory, the wearer of white nails is not committed to anyone. They are single and ready to be approached by potential partners. 

It differs from the red nail theory because red nails are simply meant to be alluring. White nails are eye-catching while also implying availability and openness to meeting new people in a romantic sense.

Of course, theories are not facts. Nail color preference is subjective and it is unlikely that anyone is attributing this much meaning to the shade on your hands. However, if you are interested in a sleek, elegant manicure, white nails would be a great choice for you to try.

How do the white and red nail theories compare to other nail colors?

What if you aren't single? Or, you are, but you aren't interested in coupling up at the moment? Another trend states that painting your nails light blue will signify that you are taken. This TikTok theory stems from the phenomenon of girlfriends asking their boyfriends what color to paint their nails — supposedly, the boyfriends almost always recommend blue nails for their partners. 

But your nail color does not have to correlate with your relationship status or your desire for a relationship. Nail colors can reveal other things about you and your personality. And, according to the manifestation manicure trend, the color you paint your nails can positively influence your life, and the effects depend on the color you choose.

If you're single and looking for love, perhaps you should consider the white nail theory the next time you visit your manicurist.