The Hyperrealistic Manicure Offers A Natural Nail Without Having To Grow Them Out

You love the look of your natural nails. In fact, you've been trying to grow them out for ages. But despite your best efforts, they break or chip. The process is maddening. You want to have long sleek nails as you see on famous celebrities.

Well, that nail might not be so natural after all. The hyperrealistic manicure is taking the Internet by storm with videos on TikTok receiving thousands, if not millions, of views by hashtagging the nail trend. It's like your own nail, but a stronger version with the length you've been dreaming of. Unlike the similar French or American manicures, it mimics your natural nails right down to the divots and pale-yellow tips. This style is all about looking as long and natural as possible. It's your nail, only better.

Grab your purse and jump on the hyperrealistic nail trend train by learning how to create this realistic look. You also might want to delve into the good and bad of this nail trend from experts before getting a set of your own.

How to get your own hyperrealistic nails

Getting your own hyperrealistic nails typically takes a trip to the salon. That is unless you're well-versed in the art of gel or acrylic nail art. While these nails might look like your original nails but longer, they're fake nails. 

The first step to getting the look you want is to have some examples. Your nail tech is going to know the look, but you'll want to make sure you're both on the same page for length. Plus, an American or French manicure can look a lot like a hyperrealistic manicure, so having a picture of your exact look ensures you come out with what you want. Nail extensions also come in different types from acrylics to gels to press-on nails; knowing your preference is going to make the process that much easier.

Now comes the fun part. After your nails are prepped for the extensions, they start adding the pale-yellow tip that mimics your true nail color. It's filled in with a pinkish-cream shade to match the bed of your nail. They also might layer it a bit to create the natural variation and depth within a real nail as well as highlight your lunula. Some techs might add a few fun flowers and other designs over the hyperrealistic look for some pizzazz if that's the look you're trying to achieve. Knowing how to achieve this look is only part of the battle; you should also weigh the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of hyperrealistic nails

Natural-looking nails that are stronger! There can't be anything better than that, right? Well, it depends on who you talk to. Nail extensions have their benefits, like being long-lasting and giving your nails some extra protection due to the curing process. Additionally, they allow you to achieve that natural, long look with nails that are prone to breaking and chipping.

However, the American Academy of Dermatology Association notes that the prep process for nail extension can have some negative consequences. Filing down the nails so that the extension sticks better can weaken the nail. Plus, the removal and touch-up process uses an acetone soak, which can further weaken your natural nails. Therefore, it can be beneficial to try nail cycling, skipping cuticle cutting, and soaking to keep your nails healthy and strong for your hyperrealistic manicure.

Who doesn't want beautiful, strong, natural nails? But, like with many TikTok trends, before you try hyperrealistic nails, you'll want to make sure you do everything you can to keep your real nails healthy.