The Royal Record Prince George May Break When He Grows Up

On Easter Sunday, William and Catherine, The Prince and Princess of Wales, took their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to attend Easter Matins Service at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle (via The Mirror). From there, the family wished the public a Happy Easter. And while plenty of people were left talking about Kate's gorgeously bright jewel-toned blue Catherine Walker coat and matching pill-box hat by Lock & Co., there was something else that caught the attention of royal fans. 

People who watched the royal family proceed into the church for services noticed that nine-year-old Prince George, who was wearing a navy blue suit, has grown to be quite impressively tall for his age. Walking beside his parents, Prince George appeared to be nearly level with the height of his father's shoulder. Considering Prince William is 6ft 3in tall, it would seem George is inheriting his height from his parents. Kate is also taller than the average British woman at 5ft 9in (via The Mirror). 

So, it stands to reason that if George has already grown so tall before reaching the age of ten, he could potentially become taller than his father one day. And if that turns out to be the case, he could break one particular record.  

Will Prince George be the tallest British King ever?

If Prince George does indeed grow up to surpass his father in height, he could potentially break the record for the tallest king in British history. Currently, the record for the tallest British King belongs to King Edward IV, who was the grandfather of the infamous King Henry VIII (via The Mirror). Edward IV was an impressive 6ft 4 ½, so while William Prince of Wales is pretty close to measuring up to the long-standing record, he himself will not be breaking it.

George does come from a long line of tall men; his grandfather, King Charles III, is no slouch at 5ft 10in, and his great-grandfather, the late Prince Philip, was 6ft. And because both of George's parents are taller than average, and since he himself seems to be shooting toward the sky at remarkable speed for a boy his age, he could turn out to be a contender for Edward IV's record. We will just have to wait and see!