The Hallmark Star Who Worked As A Journalist Before Beginning Her Acting Career

Since 2014, "When Calls the Heart" has captured and charmed viewers on the Hallmark Channel. The series takes place in the 1900s in a town called Hope Valley. What only the biggest fans know about "When Calls the Heart" is that it's based on a book series by author Janette Oke. "When Calls the Heart" has seen its ratings skyrocket throughout the years. Each episode in Season 9 had around 2.9 million viewers. The series was later renewed for seasons 10 and 11, which means that fans can expect to see new episodes of "When Calls the Heart" in July 2023.

During Season 9, "When Calls the Heart," introduced viewers to Mei Sou, portrayed by actor Amanda Wong. Wong expressed her excitement to be on the show and told Entertainment Tonight that Mei Sou is a force to be reckoned with. Wong explained, "She's got courage of conviction, she's strong and intelligent, loves animals, and is super passionate. She's not without flaws, but she's got a lot of admirable qualities." However, the same can be said for Wong. In an article for Just Jared, she revealed that acting is not her first job. She was formerly a lifeguard, a pre-paramedic, and a journalist.

Amanda Wong has an impressive resume

Amanda Wong is not only a talented actor but a woman who once had a prosperous career in journalism. According to her official LinkedIn profile, Wong, who is from British Columbia, received a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media from Simon Fraser University and went on to get her Master's at The University of Hong Kong. Wong's LinkedIn states that she has worked as a teleprompter for CTV News in British Columbia and as a video journalist for Al Jazeera in Hong Kong. In addition, she had a series of roles at Bloomberg, including as an assistant assignment editor and field producer.

Wong also worked as a TV host for Novus Media. Snippets of her demo reel can be seen on YouTube. Although it's unclear why Wong left journalism, she told the Daily Planet that she's not at all surprised by her newfound career. She said, "It's funny because I kind of thought the opportunity for acting only came up after I kind of left my career in journalism, but now racking my brain in anticipation for this interview, I actually feel like the bug was planted a long, long time ago and I just didn't realize it." Wong added, "In school productions, I was 'Mary' in the Christmas play or "Ophelia" in "Hamlet" but I never really clue in that the seed was planted a long time ago."

Amanda finds Mei Sou on 'When Calls the Heart' groundbreaking

"When Calls the Heart" is not Amanda Wong's first acting role or the first time she's worked with Hallmark. She has been acting since 2016. Wong had roles in the series "A Million Little Things" and the Hallmark film "Raise a Glass to Love," amongst others. She's also done various commercials. However, Wong told the Daily Planet that "When Calls the Heart" has been especially significant to her, saying: "I was just so excited about it because this is the first Asian character on the show and it's not just like a couple of lines or something, she's got a whole [story] arc and I feel so honored just to be playing her."

Wong went on to say that having inclusion in a period piece like "When Calls the Heart" means everything to her. "You look at these type films and it seems Asian people don't have a place in the narrative, even though that's not true, there were Asian people at that time but they are never really highlighted in any type of way."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wong noted that when she first joined the series, she wasn't sure how she would fit in with the rest of the cast but said that they soon made her feel at home. She said, "Hope Valley is exactly as wonderful as everyone imagines it to be. It's absolutely idyllic, everyone is kind and the snacks are great!"